Month: February 2013

R&B Hair Moisturiser from Lush Cosmetics

I read about this hair moisturiser on JoannaLoves blog and decided that I had to try it.


It’s designed with Afro-Caribbean hair in mind, however I have very thick, fluffy hair which has been quite damaged over the years by bleach, dye and various heat styling so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

It’s £10.95 for (quite a small) pot…but fear not, you really only need a teeny tiny amount.


Start by washing your hair as normal. Apply a small amount of product to the ENDS of your wet hair (it’s such a thick product I’d be careful not to get to close to your roots!). Then dry as normal, I didn’t apply this to my dry hair as it was so soft anyway; if you do feel you need to add more than do it in tiny bits…remember you can add, but you can’t take away!


If you have quite fine or thin hair then it might be worth using this product as more of a wash off mask, than a leave in treatment. It’s quite a heavy product, which I think would weigh down some hair types.

It really is a product worth every penny, it tames the fluff and frizz, leaves me with beautifully soft hair and it smells gorgeous!


Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Protect & Glow Illuminating Cream SPF20

I already have the Garnier Wake Me Up Gel (you can find the review here) which I really liked, so I grabbed this one on a recent trip to Boots (if you’re reading this from the USA, Boots is our equivalent to your drugstores).


I love the fact it comes with SPF20 so it’ll be perfect for summer under make up, or alone.

I’m always slightly put off by the word ‘illuminating’ as I tend to associated it with a product being shimmery or glittery. I didn’t need to worry with this product though, as you can use it without making your face look like it’s been dunked is a vat of glitter.



I would steer clear of it though if you have skin which is prone to greasiness or is oily. The good thing is this range of Garnier products is supposed to be tailor made to different skin types, so there is something for everyone.  I’ve only good things to say about the different products in this range so far, and they’ve become a staple essential in my daily routine!

HOW TO: remove stubborn nail polish – glitter and texture

So, remember my earlier post about glitter nails…and how I said I considered the practicalities? Well here’s the biggest one…how to remove the stubborn little bits of glitter which cling on for dear life? It was something which really put me off using it, unless it was for a specific event or reason. Until I came upon an amazing discovery.

Excuse my messy nails.

Excuse my messy nails.

Fear not my fair maidens, just follow these easy steps and it’ll be a breeze.

What you’ll need:


A good strong nail varnish or acetone.

Some cotton wool pads

10 small strips of tin foil

Start by applying remover to the cotton pad, and then placing over the nail. Then wrap you finger nail in a piece of tin foil, making sure the cotton pad is covered. Give the finger a squeeze to make sure the foil is secure.


Do this with the rest of your nails so you resemble an Edwards Scissorhands audition reject.


Give the foil about 3-4 minutes to start it’s magic (longer is you’ve applied more glitter coats, or if it’s a particularly pigmented glitter). If this starts to burn at all during the process then remove immediately, I only say that as an precaution, as I’ve never had any type of bad reaction.

Once removed, the nails might still have some glitter polish residue:


However, just remove with another cotton pad with some remover on it:

And voila: clean glitter free nails!


Come and Jump In My Shower (bag!)

Calm down…it’s nice in my bag honest!

The bathroom at my mums house is a bit of a tight squeeze, so recently I decided rather than leaving my stuff for all to use on display, I’d invest in a wash bag.  Mine’s from Debenhams and was £18.00, I do believe they still have them now in an array of different colours.


Delving into the bag is at your own risk, but here are my current everyday favourites:


Johnson Body Care 24 Hour Moisture

The smell of this body wash is divine!  It lingers on the skin for ages, and basically does what it says on the bottle…it’s moisturising.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub – 

Al I’m going to say it that it smells like lime and brown sugar, and makes me feel all fizzy inside when I sniff myself.  You can see my full review of this by clicking this link (here I am, click me!)

Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It – 

I needed a new face scrub, and I couldn’t find any St Ives in my local Boots, so I opted for a good ol’ S&G one. Glad I did as it’s a fairly good scrub, not too rough, and easy to wash off.  Leaves my face feeling soft and fresh, and the scent is lovely and pepperminty.

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean face wash – 

I got this in a gift set for Christmas and when I was using it on it’s own I wasn’t overly convinced it was the right thing for my skin, it didn’t make it feel like it had had a good clean.  I started using it after using S&G Scrub Your Nose In It, and I leave it on while washing out my hair conditioner, then wash it off after. It gives my skin a nice radiant glow, kind of like using a mini-face mask.

John Frieda Total Repair Shampoo and Conditioner – 

I picked this duo up for the first time in the airport on the way to Egypt and since then I’ve been hooked.  They’re a great due to use if you have colour treated hair or hair damaged by heat styling.  I would say that you do get a small amount of product build up after using the duo a few times, but that’s easily fixed by just changing your brand every three washes or so, then next wash revert back to the John Frieda one?  As a rule I change my Shampoo and Conditioner brand every other wash.  I have three at the moment I’m rotating between, but John Frieda by far is my favourite.

Touch of Silver Twice Weekly Brightening Shampoo –

If like me you’re a blondie then this shampoo is a god send.  I use it before using my regular shampoo and it helps to maintain a nice even tone throughout my hair.  I’ve repurchased this about 4 times now, and the good news is Asda are now doing the 150ml bottles for £4.00 if I remember rightly!

So now you’ve seen whats in my shower bag, have you got any recommendations or products I should try out?

Glitter Nails – calling the inner child in you!

When everyone started going crazy for glitter nails, the 7 year old in me squeeled, the 24 year old me saw the practicalities…thought about them for 2 minutes, then squeeled.

I’m still loving the glitter effect nails now, I prefer the polishes with the huge chunks of glitter, Barry M and Nails Inc do some lovely ones. My choice for today however is China Glaze…I love this brand because I’ve found it doesn’t chip easily and the colours are always amazingly pigmented.

photo 1 (1)

I start by doing the usual clipping, filing and buffing of my nails. Then I apply a clear coat (Barry M).

Next I use the bright purple (Spontaneous) and apply 1 layer of that and let it partially dry. Next the fun part…the glitter! I apply 1 layer of the glitter polish (Prisim) and let that dry. Lastly I whack on another coat of clear and bobs you’re aunties uncle…I’m done!

The nice thing about the China Glaze glitters is that they dry really quickly, even when adding an extra coat of clear polish. Adding the clear also makes the colour of the glitter pop a lot better.

photo 2 (1)