HOW TO: Banish fluffy/frizzy hair using a minimal amount of heat!

I’ve been straightening my hair now for around 10 years, which when you think about it is a hell of a lot of damage. I was using heat on my hair basically every day, as well have having my hair dyed every 8-10 weeks, so something really had to give. I wasn’t about to leave the blonde hair behind, so I decided to cut down on heat styling.

I managed to find a routine which means I only have to use a hair dryer…no straighteners or curlers at all, which for me is a big thing. I have naturally curly/fluffy hair which, when blow dried (unprofessionally) by me goes wavy.

I’m going to show you what I use on my hair at the moment which allows me to actually leave the house without looking like I’ve been electrocuted. I will warn you now, it might seem like I’m using a lot of product in my hair, but the combination is quite a light weight, non greasy one, so no panic.

Step One: Start with clean wet hair. At the moment I’m loving John Frieda Total Repair shampoo and conditioner to scrub my hair with. Brush though your hair and set your parting.


Step Two: Rub TIGI Bed Head Some Like It Hot serum though the ends of the hair. 2 pumps per each half a head usually works well for me. Grab a dryer…make sure your hairdryer has a nozzle diffuser, these help to eliminate frizz.

With the hairdryer at the root of the hair and the nozzle pointing down the hair shaft, start rough drying using your fingers, focusing on drying the roots first.

Once you’ve blasted the roots for a few minutes, grab a paddle brush and start drying your hair. You don’t have to section it, or be neat about it…just for now focus most of your drying at the roots.


Step Three: Once the hair is about 3/4 dry I use Wella Resist foam, about 4 pumps per half a head does the trick. Distribute it evenly though the ends working up towards the mid-length of your hair.

Finish off drying using the paddle brush I find it easier to use a paddle brush because you can really flatten the hair between the hairdryer nozzle and the brush.


Step Four: Next up is my ultimate secret weapon for achieving this process. Once the hair has been dried, brush it through thoroughly and apply Lee Stafford My Big Fat Hair Super Spray. It’s a waxy/sticky consistency but it’s truly magic in a bottle for styling, and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling weighed down of crunchy/stiff at all.

Apply to ends first (that’s my general rule!), then work it up through the hair to mid section (another rule is I never put any product on my roots!).


It’s really your own choice how much you use of the Lee Stafford, mine changes every time, because my hair just likes to be difficult sometimes. I use about 6 pumps each half a head to achieve this:

L: BeforeR: After

L: Before Lee Stafford Applied
R: After Lee Stafford Applied

Don’t Forget:




    1. When I first tried it I didn’t have much hope but it just magically worked! You definitely need the Lee Stafford spray though, I tried without it once and it was no where near as good!

  1. thank u so much for the tips, I love ur hair , looks really good. I will try that with my karmin g3 hair dryer, thank u again. 😀

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