Glitter Nails – calling the inner child in you!

When everyone started going crazy for glitter nails, the 7 year old in me squeeled, the 24 year old me saw the practicalities…thought about them for 2 minutes, then squeeled.

I’m still loving the glitter effect nails now, I prefer the polishes with the huge chunks of glitter, Barry M and Nails Inc do some lovely ones. My choice for today however is China Glaze…I love this brand because I’ve found it doesn’t chip easily and the colours are always amazingly pigmented.

photo 1 (1)

I start by doing the usual clipping, filing and buffing of my nails. Then I apply a clear coat (Barry M).

Next I use the bright purple (Spontaneous) and apply 1 layer of that and let it partially dry. Next the fun part…the glitter! I apply 1 layer of the glitter polish (Prisim) and let that dry. Lastly I whack on another coat of clear and bobs you’re aunties uncle…I’m done!

The nice thing about the China Glaze glitters is that they dry really quickly, even when adding an extra coat of clear polish. Adding the clear also makes the colour of the glitter pop a lot better.

photo 2 (1)



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