Month: March 2013

#2 Beauty Binge

Yes…yet another bingeing session, I know, I know. I have a problem.

This time I only went in to buy cotton wool and some face wipes, but ended up leaving with a bunch of other stuff…so here it is!

Hair Care


Re-purchased – Batiste Dry Shampoo
L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray
L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil



Rimmel Apocolips – Nova

Skin Care


Re-purchased – Asda cotton wool pads
Re-purchased – Johnsons face wipes
L’Oreal 3in1 Skin Perfecting Micellor Solution

I’ll be reviewing as I use these, I’ll probably lump a few if them together as I’ve been bad lately and bought loads, my review list is growing!!


A £12 Bargain Find – a Chloe dress

I don’t frequent charity shops often, only because I can’t handle sifting through things, I’m not patient enough for it.

The ladies who I work with however appear to be queens of the second hand treasures, so lately we’ve been spending a few lunch hours browsing around the beautiful building that’s home to Demelza House.


Usually the little trinkets and bits & bobs stacked up on the antique dressers catch my attention, however yesterday I found the bargain of all bargains in the window. A Chloe dress. For £12.00….yes that’s right!


As soon as I saw it I bypassed everyone gawking at it and rushed up to the till. I had it off the mannequin, paid for and in a bag quicker than you could say Bob’s your Aunty.

I’m not really sure how much it would have cost new, or which year/season it’s from but I am very much in love with it.


It’s a plain black, trapeze style dress in a lovely jersey material, with pretty soft pleats running from the neck line to the hem. It sits just above the knee and will be perfect with heels for a night out, or a pretty pair of flip flops when the weather warms up during the day. It’s basically like my new holy grail of little black dresses!

ASOS Stylists Live Chat – A Review

Now I know this may be a strange thing to review but I felt, after my experience using it yesterday, that it really needed a shout out.

Have you ever been desperately looking for a dress/shoes/top/coat/…(insert other here), and you felt like you’ve exhausted all your options online and in store?  Well that’s how I felt yesterday, I’d been hopelessly searching for a few hours without any luck, when magically I clicked onto the ASOS website (for the 3rd time (lucky!) that day) for another looksee.

For some reason the little pop-up box in the right hand corner of the screen caught my attention…I opened it up, naturally intrigued…


You enter your name and email address and  then ASOS connects you with your very own online personal stylist, who asks you various questions about yourself, your style, colour preference and budget.  They then take that information away and find you an item to match your description.  my stylist was called Tali and she was an absolute doll.  She found various dresses, in all sorts of styles and shades…some which I had failed to notice myself when I was nosing online earlier.

The service, in my opinion is a great and invaluable one, if I didn’t like something she wasn’t phased, she just pulled another option out of her (very stylish I bet) hat.

I’ll definitively be using it again in a moment on panic!  For a little imaginary moment, I felt rather posh…

Complexion Perfection

Having a good complexion (natural or fake) is the key to making me personally, feel more confident.

If you suffer with bad skin then it is better to try to let your skin have some down time…a little bit if breathing space if you will allow. However some days when work commitments or every day life events get in the way it’s harder to go with the natural look, and you get the urge to pile on the products.

I’ve been using the following cosmetic products daily for about 6 weeks now (Monday to Friday), admittedly there have been a few days where I’ve just not bothered with make up if there’s not much going on at work, but so far this trio has not disappointed in providing a good level of cover, while still being kind to skin.

Jemma Kidd – Mannequin Skin Complexion Enhancer in 01 Canvas

Depending on my skin, I use this pre-make up as a base, or after make up as I highlighter. It gives a nice sheen to the skin without being to shimmery.


Maybelline Dream Matt Mousse in shade Ivory

I used to use the foundation a lot when it first came out, then it kind of got lost amongst the other foundations in my collection. I recently repurchased it though and it has renewed my love. It’s light weight with medium coverage that can be built up to a higher cover if needed.


Collection 2000 Lasting Perfect Concealer in Light/Fair

As you can see by the picture this is a much used, much loved concealer. It goes on and blends in nicely and has a good amount of coverage…for the bargain price of £4.99 too.


Boots ‘Drugstore’ Binge

Is there any better way than to spend a Sunday afternoon binging on beauty products? No…I thought not!

Just a quick run down of what I bought…reviews will follow up in a few days.



L’Oreal ‘no sulphate’ EverRiche shampoo and conditioner (previous review on the EverPure duo can be found here)
Lee Stafford Blow Dry Faster spray



Dove gofresh deodorant
Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil



NEW: Bourjios Healthy Mix in shade 52
Bourjios Rouge Edition lipstick in shade 04
Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in shade 17

Benefit ‘b.Radiant’ Skin Care Range

I was having a nosey round the Benefit concession in Boots one day, looking for an eye cream and mentally having a bit of a moan about the price of their skin care range verses my monthly wage, when the lovely sale assistant pointed me towards the travel pack of sample sized products from their ‘b.Radiant’ range. The pack included:

Triple performance facial emulsion – 8.9ml,
Moisture prep toning lotion – 8.9ml,
Foamingly clean facial wash – 8.9g,
Refined finish facial polish – 8.9g,
Total moisture facial cream – 3.0g,
It’s potent eye cream – 3.0g

The packaging, like most of Benefit products, is super cute and it looks refreshing and, well…clean if that makes sense. Even the sample sizes like these ones come in glass jars and bottles (except the shower stuff). I’ve heard a lot of people say that Benefit products are sold on their packaging rather than what’s inside, so I was hoping for good results with this range

First of all they are travel sizes so bare in mind you will only get a few go’s with each, sometimes that’s enough to know if a product is worth paying for, other times you need to use it for a certain amount of time before seeing a noticeable difference. Seen as this is there b.Radiant range I thought to get the over all radiant look that you’d probably have to use the product a few times.

This was fine with me with the facial emulsion, eye cream and face cream as admittedly I still have small amounts left of. However the face wash and polish were gone within 2 trips in the shower, and I didn’t really notice too much of a difference.

I should mention that my skin type is a combination of normal and a bit oily. I don’t tend to suffer too badly with my skin (thank god), except from time to time I get those angry under the skin spots/lumps, mainly on my forehead and round the chin area.

The triple performance facial emulsion is my favourite of the pack, the name however made me feel a bit hesitant. I expected it to make my face quite look shiny and glossy (imagine Dulux brilliant white paint)…but it didn’t. It soaked into the skin nicely and left a nice dewy look, which was easy to apply make up over.

Total moisture facial cream was next in line, as it was light and didn’t leave any residue behind. A close runner up for 2nd place is the ‘It’s potent’ eye cream, the sales assistant told me that the eye cream was a blend of two of their previous creams, which sounded promising, but I didn’t really see a real noticeable difference from a cheaper high street eye cream I’d been trying out.

The slow runners were definitely the face polish and the wash. Maybe if I had bought the full size and carried on using them, I would have seen a better result, however I just didn’t feel the urge to invest in them. The initial washing of may face with them was pleasurable and the smell is nothing to be sniffed at (geddit?!…I kill myself) and my face DID feel clean after, but there just wasn’t that pull there to keep me re-purchasing either of them.

In last place was the toner…now as I’ve said before I have pretty sensitive eyes, so I should have taken this into consideration when slapping this on my mooey, but alas I did not! It stung my eye soooooo bad, and as I’m (shamefully, I always forget) not much of a toner user anyway, I completely abandoned the idea of trying this again. I’ll probably find it rolling round the bottom of my make up case, and give it another go one day!

Over all the value for this 6 piece set is great, but I don’t think apart from the face emulsion, that any of the products are that memorable, I was really hoping to love everything, and want to rush out an buy it, but as I said before, the urge just isn’t there!