Diorskin Nude Foundation

I thought I might have ended up loving the Diorskin Nude foundation. Everything about it drew me in, even the lady at the Dior counter in John Lewis got in my head and convinced me it was a keeper.



I first came about this foundation when a friend of mine had bought it and found the shade didn’t suit her, so naturally I took it off her hands and tried to give it a good home.

Unfortunately it gave me a bit of an orange tinge after having it on for a few hours. I thought that it was because it was the wrong shade for me, so reluctantly I rehomed it.

I loved the consistency and the initial “look” of the foundation though, so on a recent mooch to my local shopping centre I popped in to see if I could get it in a lighter shade…I left with it in 020…three shades lighter than my previous one.


Now I’ve tried applying it in various different ways with different brushes and blenders, but low and behold I still end up with the ooomphalumpa tinge of death. The best way was (read: less tinge effect) to apply it with fingers then buff in using a face brush, but I still found it looked a bit orangey round my nose, lips and eyes after a while.

I don’t hate it, it’s a decent foundation with good staying power, it’s not too heavy or cakey. It comes in a pump bottle and it’s beautifully creamy so application is a breeze! Maybe it’s just my skin tone that doesn’t agree with the formula?!

If you’re thinking of buying it my best piece of advice is to ask at the counter for a sample first. Or at the beginning of your shopping trip at least ask them to swatch it on your skin so you can test it out.



  1. Take it back and have it exchanged. Its too expensive to put up with it. I love Dior Fusionwear makeup. It looks very natural on my skin. I use 020. I tried the nude one and i thought it made my skin look deathly pale and it settled into my fine lines, which is a real deal breaker to me. I never bought the full size. That was a sample i used.

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