HOW TO: Love Your Face

This one  may be a long one, so grab a cuppa and some biscuits…

Everyone goes through those horrible stages of disliking something about they way they look. Sometimes you’re able to change it to make yourself feel more confident or happy with your appearance, other times you just have to learn to live with it, and make the best of your attributes.

The thing I dislike most about my appearance is my nose and my forehead. My nose is a traditional button-esk nose, I’ve always thought it looks like someone’s splodged a bit of play-dough onto the middle of my face, I hated it when I was in my teens and if I could have changed some thing about myself it would have been that. Also my forehead juts forward slightly, which mean my eyes sit quite far back into my head (attractive…yes?!)

But as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to the realisation that I’m going to look this way forever, so instead of moaning about it (or paying ungodly amounts to surgically change it) I would use a few tricks I’ve found helpful:

  • Adding concealer and contouring to my nose helps enormously – it doesn’t even need to be massive amounts, just a light dab and dusting.
  • Make sure to properly shape your eyebrows…they can make a HUGE difference to your entire face. I have mine shaped and threaded which helps with disguising the jutting!
  • If you have small or hidden eyes then try not to load them with pencil or liquid liner. Use a push liner (angled eye) brush to line the eyes. It’s less harsh and gives you much more control on how much product you use. (you can find my tutorial here for how to use one)
  • Don’t be scared of lip colour – there are so many different variations now – lipsticks, balms, tints, glosses and stains (I could go on forever – there’s something for everyone.
  • If you suffer from bad skin or breakouts then use a good buildable foundation, and apply powder to seal in using a pressing motion with a puff rather than a sweeping motion with a brush, as this will just irritate the skin more and move the foundation off the skin
  • Use a highlighter on cheekbones, eyebrow bones and down the nose to accentuate your features and give a healthy radiant glow.
  • A good cream or powder blush will perk your face up and add a healthy amount of colour – find one which suits your skin tone; if you’re pale then pinks are great, if you’re olive or darker then rock out the peach or coral colours.
  • Opt for matte bronzers for day time looks…suck in your cheeks and apply lightly (building colour slowly) to the hollows of the cheeks, up towards your temples – this works particularly well for heart and round shape faces.
  • Learn how to contour your face using blush and bronzer – there are so many videos on Youtube for this technique, I find Gossmakeupartist channel is brilliant for this and many more tips.

I have bits of me I like – for example I have high cheek bones and, even though they hide far into my head, my eyes are a decent size and my eyelashes are long. It’s taken my quite a while to notice the things about my face that I actually like. I think this is true of most people, because once we find a fault, we tend to focus on that and it becomes the only thing we see when we look in the mirror.

When you see the good parts of you grab on and focus on them…these are the things people will notice most, because you’re confident about them.

I think figuring out your face shape is an important part of learning to love your face.  I’ve always found it difficult to decide on face shapes, as i think some people have really prominent features, while others kind of blur the lines between shapes.  A good tip on finding your shape is to pull all your hair back into a ponytail, then find yourself a mirror and using a lip liner or lip pencil (both clean off easily!) trace around your face reflection in the mirror, then stand back and have a look what shape it represents. Hopefully that tip, and using the guide below will help you get a bit of an idea…






(Pictures taken from the Beauty sections of Channel 4’s website)


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