Lola’s Cupcakes – a face full’a heaven

There’s nothing in life that can make me feel happier than a cupcake covered in chocolate, and no one in this world makes better cupcakes than Lola’s.


If you’ve ever been in the vacinity of Selfridges in London, you’ll have no doubt seen the beauty in the food hall that is Lola’s Cupcakes.  I first sampled one of their delights on a lunch break shopping trip a few years ago now, where I stood mesmorised by their beauty…it really was like the mothership was calling me home.

Imagine my excitement on a recent trip to my local shopping centre (Bluewater) when I spotted a new Lola’s Cupcake shop in the food court area…I meticulously planned my route to end up back round that way once I’d finished shopping so I could feed myself into a sugar coma.

Anyhow I proceeded with my shopping with a slight hop in my step knowing what was coming later on, when by pure chance I came upon Topshop…

And what should be outside the doors to Topshop…? 

What indeed I hear you ask…!

Only a pop-up Lola’s Cupcake concession stand!! I really did feel like they were trying to accommodate me, so naturally I had to stop this time and buy two cupcakes (one was for my Mum, honestly!).


They are the most delicious things I have ever seen and eaten…I must have taken them home and stared at them for a good 10 minutes before devouring mine completely. 

My mum on the other hand was more ladylike about hers, she picked at it for about 5 miniutes then told me she was going to “save it for tomorrow”….so how shocked was I when I spoke to her this morning, only for her to tell me she’d gotten up in the middle of the night specifically to finish of her cupcake…clearly this behaviour runs in the family.



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