A “Pretty” Nifty Day…

I love anything pretty and feminine…whack some lace and sequins on it and I’ll buy it. I’ve been browsing online (when I should be doing a uni essay, bad me!) and have put to get a wishlist of all things pretty, comfortable and girly to share.

I will admit I do a very very weird thing. When I have a limited amount of money and none to spend on clothes, I do some fake online shopping. Yup. That’s right. Fake.

I load my shopping basket up, click right the way through to the check-out, then instead of clicking “confirm purchase” I quickly click off of it, and in my mind I’ve bought that and it’s on the way to me….It does however mean that in a few days when it doesn’t turn up I’ma bit sad. I told my Mum this a while ago and she just looked at me, with a really sympathetic look on her face (I thought she may feel sorry for me and buy me a dress I was lusting over, but no joy!)

Enjoy my wishlist…







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