A £12 Bargain Find – a Chloe dress

I don’t frequent charity shops often, only because I can’t handle sifting through things, I’m not patient enough for it.

The ladies who I work with however appear to be queens of the second hand treasures, so lately we’ve been spending a few lunch hours browsing around the beautiful building that’s home to Demelza House.


Usually the little trinkets and bits & bobs stacked up on the antique dressers catch my attention, however yesterday I found the bargain of all bargains in the window. A Chloe dress. For £12.00….yes that’s right!


As soon as I saw it I bypassed everyone gawking at it and rushed up to the till. I had it off the mannequin, paid for and in a bag quicker than you could say Bob’s your Aunty.

I’m not really sure how much it would have cost new, or which year/season it’s from but I am very much in love with it.


It’s a plain black, trapeze style dress in a lovely jersey material, with pretty soft pleats running from the neck line to the hem. It sits just above the knee and will be perfect with heels for a night out, or a pretty pair of flip flops when the weather warms up during the day. It’s basically like my new holy grail of little black dresses!



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