Lee Stafford – Blow Dry Your Hair Faster Spray

So not only do I love Lee Stafford products for their bright pink packaging, it also helps that I quite like what’s in the inside too.

The flat iron poker straight protector spray was the first thing I ever bought from the brand, and I’ve been going back ever since! Priced between £6-£14 per product it sits quite nicely in my “ohhh bit it is on 3 for 2 special offer in boots after all” budget.

I was looking around for a product which would help my mega thick hair to dry a bit quicker, and after an unfortunate incident which involved my dog eating my dry faster serum I decided to try something which was less chewable.

Enter the Lee Stafford spray..


I’ve used it a few times now, and have found that my hair dries slightly quicker but nothing too noticeable. However it does de-tangle nicely and it smells amazing (as always).



    1. It’s easy peasy. Get a big paddle brush and a hairdryer with a diffuser and lift the hair from the roots, making sure you dry down the hair towards the floor. The key is finding good products. I love Lush R&B Hair!

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