John Frieda Intense After-Colour Conditioner

I was in Boots with my friend the other day while she was trying to choose a new hair colour for summer, and while being very unhelpful to her cause and picking up crazy shades of pink and red, I started reminiscing about how easy (and cheap!) it used to be to box dye my hair. The thing I missed most was the lush conditioners you used to get as an after dye treatment, which used to turn my hair from straw like, to soft and shiny in 3 quick minutes.

So when I saw that John Frieda had bought out that very conditioner but in a 150ml tube, I grabbed it off the shelf like it was going out of sale. The smell was the first thing that drew me in, it was to.die.for…I’m a sniffer, I sniff everything before I buy it, or even if I don’t buy it. If go shopping with my mum, she’ll often lose me, then stumble upon me in the shower gel isle, or worse the fabric soften isle…sniffing the goods on offer.


Anywhooo…this conditioner is lovely, it leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturised. It does say on the tube that it’s for the precision foam colour, which I’m guessing is one of JF’s box colours, however is says on the back …”SAFE FOR COLOUR-TREATED AND CHEMICALLY-TREATED HAIR”…so you’re good to go however you dye your tresses. Also if you’re one of those rare beauties who does not need to dye your hair (where are you!!!) then this can be used as a general treatment conditioner for dry or heat damaged hair.

I have quite thick, mid-length hair, and I think I’ll probably get about 5, maybe 6 uses out of the tube if I’m careful, which if used once a week as recommended is not bad useage.

It retails for £4.99, however it’s currently on special offer in Boots for £3.33.


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