The Body Shop Haul – 35% Off Offer

Every so often The Body Shop pops up with some truly amazing offers in store and online. This time I took full advantage of their ‘35% off your whole shop’ offer about bought a few things I’d had my eye on for a while.


The first thing in my basket was the Banana Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve heard that this due is supposed to be amazing for people with coloured hair, so I’m really excited to give it a try, it also smells so good, I could literally sniff it all day.


Next in the form of a duo, I grabbed the Aloe Toner and Cleanser, as I suffer from sensitive eyes I always find it hard to get products which aren’t going to irritate them and the skin around them. I chose the 60ml travel sized one to test them out, and if they work I’ll be repurchasing this size again specifically for holidays.


I tend to get really dry hands and skin when I’m at work (typical office working environment!) so i needed something i could keep handy in my bag, so i decided to try the Hemp hand cream (I wanted the Rose one but it was out of stock), and I also grabbed the 50ml Vitamin E Moisture cream for my face too. Both are going to be ideal for chucking into my handbag for daily use, or taking on the airplane for holidays. 20130607-111259.jpg20130607-111311.jpg

And last but certainly not least, probably my favourite product of them all is the Spa Wisdom Polynesia oil for skin and hair. It smells bloody amazing, I’m so looking forward to using it. It has a really lovely relaxing smell to it, which instantly makes me feel calm. I’m probably going to use it mostly for my skin, but I’ve already heard of people putting it in their bath, so I’m going to be testing this out at The Boy’s house…


The Body Shop do some really good offers for both in-store and online customers. If you spend over £20 you also get free delivery. This is where my only gripe with the whole process is, I ordered my haul on the 27th May, and I only received it on the 6th June – the website states standard delivery is 3-5 working days, so my waiting time was slightly over that. I would definitely recommend paying a bit extra for express delivery if you’re impatient like me.

Although the offer I used has now expired there is currently another offer running with gets you £15 off a £30 shop. Check it out at



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  1. Great picks. The Aloe line is great for sensitive skin. And that vitamin e cream is my fav from TBS. Howver I ve never really liked tbs shampoos. Let me know If you find the banana one good. I ve extremely oily scalp.

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