Bourjois Délice de Soleil Bronzer

It’s been so loooooooong since my skin’s been any other shade of colour except pasty white, so to cheer myself up and try and get one over on the sun, I bought bronzer!

Now I’m not a bronzer person, I’m a bit scared of over-doing it, however a lady in Superdrug (not a sales assistant…just a random browserI met) said she used it and loved it, and she was a lot more pasty than me…it turns out it is possible!!

And so came the purchase of the Bourjois Délice de Soleil bronzer…(it even sounds like summer!!)


First off let me get the issue of the sheer size of this out of the way. It’s pretty large; about as big as an iPhone…however that only really goes to aid the amazing mirror you get with it. It’s the perfect size, it’s swizzles and turns around so you can use it in a multitude if ways…

20130625-142746.jpg (flat and tilted up on a dressing table for example)

Onto to the actual product…the shade is perfect, I chose 12 for fair skin and it’s a good match, not too orange which is always a winner.

It looks like it has a shimmer running through it, but once applied to the skin it appears quite matte and gives the skin a nice healthy glow; perfect for a pick me up when the weathers not co-operating!

Application is nice and easy, there is a small fall out of product but that’s to be expected with the firmness of the included brush. I’ve used a softer powder brush and had no fall out at all.

I’m not a lover of the brush, it’s quite scratchy and firm, but it does do the job intended…I find it doesn’t blend the product out as well as I’d like, but that’s not a huge deal breaker.

I’ve also heard a few people say about the smell of the Bourjois bronzer being a tad chocolatey…and everyone loves chocolate right? I’ve found it does in fact smell like milky bars (which I love!)…so every time I open it up I instantly feel hungry now.

It’s a bit chunky to keep in my everyday make up bag, but I’ll definitely be keeping it somewhere in my handbag. I paid £8.99 for it, which I think is personally a bargain, I would have paid that for the mirror alone!

Superdrug have all Bourjois products on a 3 for 2 offer at the moment.



  1. I so want to try a bronzer, but like you I’m really pale so I’m scared!

    On the subject of pale skin, I’m not sure that I need a blush because I naturally have quite rosy cheeks but I’d be interested to try. Do you have any recommendations for pale skin?

    1. I’m the same, but it really just warms my face up slightly!

      A good blush is another Bourjois one…their creme blushers are great quality for the price…the shade 01 nude velvet is perfect!

  2. They’re brushes are always horrible, but the products are amazing! The Chocolate bronzer is also really nice, might try this one though as I love the size of it!

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