Holiday Reading…

I know this next one is not a beauty related post, but everyone needs a good book to get themselves lost in when they’re lounging by a pool, sipping on ice-cold cocktails.

I’m an avid reader when I’m at home, I constantly have my kindle in my handbag wherever I’m going. So when I go on holiday, that need to read grows and I can go through about 3 books in a week.

I love it when a book catches my attention and I end up thinking about it hours after I’ve put it down, eager to get my nose stuck back into it the next day. I’m a bit of a crime/thriller junkie and much to the annoyance of The Boy, I have to regale him with every plot twist and turn as I’m going along.

My recommendations however are mixed, I have a thriller or two (maybe more?!), a few girly ones, some drama packed stories and a funny one thrown in for good measure.

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn


This book had me hooked from the first chapter. I was really confused at first how I felt towards each character, or even how I was supposed to feel towards them but that, I learnt, is the beauty of this story. Each twist and revelation in this book had me shocked, I’d literally talk non-stop about this storyline to anyone who would ask me for a recommendation. Each chapter finishes at exactly the right moment, one which kept me gripped to the page. The story line is packed full of deceit, lies, revelations and craziness, but all still quite scarily believable. The book is set in between New York and a small town in America…my favourite kind of crime/thriller story!

Blindsighted – Karin Slaughter


Slaughter is one of my favourite crime writers ever. She writes her books in series, so each one follows on from the previous book. The Grant County Series is brilliant, so my recommendation is to start at the beginning of the series….aka Blindsighted. Slaughter has a way of writing that really builds the relationships between the characters and brings them to life. She really builds up the tension and twists, and the endings to her books are never a disappointment.

Sworn to Silence – Linda Castillo


I wasn’t really aware until I out this post together how many books I read that followed on in series. Castillo’s Kate Burkahold series is one that I follow religiously; I’m always excited when she releases another book. I think what catches my attention is that these books are focused on a Amish community, and how the “English” community of a small town in America. The books are based around Kate Burkahold, an ex-member of the Amish community who now works for the police. The stories always involve some mishap within the Amish community (a murder usually). Each story is unique, but follows on from the last one. They writing style of Castillo is captivating and dripping with writing talent. Sworn to Silence is the first in the series and I could not recommend it enough.

Moving on to a slightly more glamorous thriller now, my next pick is cheating a bit as it’s 4 books…

Guilty Pleasure, Orginal Sin, Daddy’s Girls and Gold Diggers – Tasmina Perry


These books are dripping with passion, excitement and corruption. I’ve included them all because I couldn’t choose just one. These are the ultimate holiday read, I’ve enjoyed these countless amounts of times on holiday, and they’re ones I go back to if I’m unsure what I fancy reading next. The characters are all very fashionable, rich and beautiful, and each has their own secrets they need to hide. They’re not quite as full on as some other crime books, but the storylines are still great, and I find they’re an easy but still ‘glued to the page’ read.

Now changing track completely…

Anybody Out There? and Angels – Marian Keyes


I love all of Keyes’ books (bar her last one, which I was a tad disappointed with!)…but anywho, my favourites are the Walsh family series. I find them completely hilarious and I struggle to put them down. The Walsh family are Irish and consist of a long suffering Father, Mammy Walsh and 5 sisters. Each book released so far is themed around one sister, but still has the input of the whole family at very well written intervals. My favourite of the series is Anybody Out There, it follows Anna Walsh and her heart-breaking story of love, loss and realisation.

A very close second is Angels which is the very serious Margret Walsh’s story which lands her in sun soaked LA, trying to get over the betrayal of her husband while doing things she’s never done before. The arrival of her over the top family adds the right amount of humour to this book, in just the right places.

Keyes has a fantastic way of bringing in real life problems such as heartbreak, depression, and drugs and alcohol to name a few that feature throughout the series. She writes about them in a very true and frank way, while still keeping a tone of humour, usually portrayed by the loveable, but crazy Mammy Walsh.

Me before You – JoJo Moyes


It took me a while to get into this book, but once I was there I was stuck to it. It’s a story of friendship, love and life – it pretty much had me blubbing like an Oscar winner. It’s such a beautiful and moving story and really is worth a read, I’ve recommended it to so many people now and they in turn have enjoyed it.

Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert


I was bitten by the travel bug many years ago, so the story line of this book (and the film in turn) really caught my attention. I enjoyed it thoroughly and even though my life has been nothing like the character’s has been, I still found myself connecting with her in a weird way. A great book for reading on holiday, as I feel it makes you really appreciate your time away from the troubles of the real world.

What Have I Done? – Amanda Prowse


I’ve just finished this book so I thought I’d pop it in on the list. Such a good read, I literally would immerse myself in this book every time I turned my kindle on, so much so that I was blanking out anyone else. It’s captivating from the first page where you meet Kathryn Booker, as she has just killed her abusive husband by stabbing him. The whole story and re-telling of her abuse is so well written and at times I found myself genuinely angry at the husband, while also frustrated. The book goes back and forth between the years of her abuse, her imprisonment and then her life after. It’s definitely an eye-opening and emotional read. For a story that’s a fiction book rather than a factual one, it’s incredibly real life and poignant.


I’d love to know what you’re reading at the moment and if you have any recommendations so please leave me a comment and let me know!



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