Quick & Easy Summer Up-Do: The Bun

Now I’m not much of a hair up person, I prefer to let it loose and free but sometimes circumstances call for a day where I can just whack it up…like today, it’s rather warm.

My choice if weaponary for producing a quick and easy up-do, is:

20130711-180901.jpg (apologies for the terrible roots in this picture)
Batise Dry Shampoo,
Elnett Satin Hairspray,
Hair tie and some kirby grips (Boots)
Bun ring (£1 Primark)
Teaser brush (£1 Primark)

It’s a fail safe, 2 minute job which I use pretty much everyday on holiday while I’m around the pool, and sometimes of a night if it’s particularly humid, otherwise I end up looking like a frizzy mess.

Step 1 – spray the dry shampoo through the hair, just to give it a freshen up. It can also be used to create a bit of volume too if that’s what you’re heading for!

Step 2 – gather your hair up and secure with a hair tie. I like high buns, so I usually flip my head forward and put into a pony tail. Then use the teaser brush to smooth the front and sides out.

Step 3 – this can be the tricky bit if you’re a bun ring virgin. I pop the ring at the base of my pony tail, then slide it right to the very top, leaving about an inch to 2 inches poking through, then comes the hard work. Try to gather that inch (maybe more if its easier) of hair round the bun and in a motion that I can only describe as turning the ring out on itself, start to work your way down the pony tail until you get to the base again. If you’re not sure on how to use it still (if my describing skills were not good!) YouTube has loads of videos to show you how it’s done!

Step 4 – once you’ve done the above, it just comes down to tidying up the stray hairs. I tend to wrap and remaining bits of fall out hair around the bun, then kirby grip them into place.

Step 5 – lastly with the Teaser brush I spray and lightly go over the top bit of hair to flatten down any tear-aways and control those silly bits of hair that poke over my ears! Then I give the bun part a final spray and I’m done!!



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