Month: August 2013

Inner Me – Beauty and Wellbeing Supplements

Vitamins confuse me. I’ve tried a few times, and failed to get myself into a routine with them…I’ve never had much luck. So when I saw Inner Me supplements advertised In August’s Birchbox I decided that these might work for me, unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to get any in my box, however Instinct PR were nice enough to send me some over to review (thank you!!).


First of all the concept of Inner Me really caught my attention. Founder Nikki Cooper was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, at the age of 28. Like most women, Nikki was constantly on the go and was not prepared to just sit back and let her prognosis get her down, so she started researching traditional and alternative medicine, as well as changing her diet and exercise to try to keep her condition manageable. She began taking supplements which helped to boost her nervous system, and discovered that by mixing the right cocktail of them she experienced lower levels of fatigue and a better general wellbeing. Nikki spent a couple of years talking with pharmacists and the like, and then released a range of easy to understand supplements, for busy, on the go women.

I’m going to be testing…

Beautify Me: a vitamin complex which is Inner Me’s ultimate vitamin supplement for skin, hair and nails.

Energise Me: helps to support energy, metabolism, and maintain overall good health.

Lustrous Locks: looks after roots, and feeds the follicles with fortifying nutrients.

I love the packaging, which is all I’ve been able to really test right now.  It’s designed to be portable, and easy to throw into a handbag, or use on the move.  The supplements come in blister packs, with each one marked with the day of the week, so you’re not likely to forget to take one.


There’s a small ‘pull here’ tab on the bottom of each pack, which allows you to pull the tray out with ease.


The actual decoration on the packaging is really appealing, with pretty hand drawn illustrations.  I always find packaging on vitamins and supplements really daunting, but I love the way that Inner Me has set out all the important information with clear instructions on how to use, and when best to use.


I already don’t feel like I would be just taking these vitamins for the sake of it, because I think I should be. I actually feel like I’d be taking them for a specific reason.

I also find it really appealing that the Inner Me website offer a subscription service, where you sign up and each month they send you your vitamins, so you don’t have to worry about running out or remembering to repurchase.  The also offer 20% off the initial price if you use the monthly service.

Each pack of supplements comes with a 2 week supply, except for the Energise Me range, which come with a 4 week supply.  Each supply is £15.00 each, and can be purchased from the Inner Me website directly, or from a number of stores, all of which you can find by clicking on the ‘click here’ link below.

I’ll write in more detail about each one individually, as I review them, so for now if you want to fine out more  click here.


Minty Fresh…

I’ve been searching for a green polish for a while now, once which suits my skin tone and doesn’t look to garish.

I finally found one, and shock horror it’s a Barry M one, why I didn’t think to look there before is beyond me.

It’s shade 304 Mint Green and it’s gorgeous. It’s a very opaque pastel green which looks beautiful against tanned holiday hands (or toes in my case, as my feet are the only thing which appear to still have a tan!), as well as my pasty little chubba fingers.

My experience with Barry M polish has always been good, and this doesn’t let down. Application is smooth and even, and it only takes 2 coats to make the colour really pop.

The RRP is a minuscule £2.99, which is great value for money. Boots currently have a special offer of Buy One Get One 1/2 Price.

Shea Geniius – Shea Face Cream

If you’re lucky enough to live near Greenwhich, in London then you’ll know how amazing the market there is. I love it, I could spend all day wandering from the unique little hand made trinket stalls to the stomach pleasing take-away street food, and gluten free cakes.

Upon my wandering, I came across Shea Geniius, and was drawn towards the corner stall because of the lady manning the it, she has such an enticing way with everyone, and it’s well worth stopping and chatting to her even if you’re just having a browse.

This is probably why I ended up buying a Shea face cream from her…well that, and also the fact it made my skin feel so soft and hydrated.


This little pot looks unassuming but don’t let that stop you, it’s slotted into my current skin care routine so easily and has made a noticeable difference.

It’s a lovely thick, creamy product that sinks into the skin, without leaving any residue. I’ve been using it as an eye cream during the day, and a night cream before bed.



All products contain natural ingredients, and are hand made.

I paid £7 for this little pot, which judging by the tiny amount you need to use, it’s pretty good value.

Shea Geniius is at Greenwich Market every Friday, and the first 3 Saturdsys of each month.

If you’re not a local, or live near enough to Greenwich to pop in, then you can find all the details, including a small selection of products to buy on


Babyliss Big Hair 50mm Review

So, I’m a bit late to the hair party with this one.

The Babyliss Big Hair 50mm hot hair styler.

My Mum first bought one around 2 years ago, for both of us to share. I, however, could just not get to grips with it, It just did not want to work for my hair.

I gave up, and thought nothing more of it again, until a few friends started talking about it. I dug it out and decided to watch a few YouTube videos for tips and tricks, then give it another go.

Well, low and behold it only went and bloody worked for me, and I then had to eat my words about a product I’d once claimed “was not ideal for thick hair!”…imagine the shame! It obviously was not ideal for my impatient and clumsy hands.

When this finally started to work for me, the original one my Mum had purchased gave up the ghost and decided to explode…which I took personally and felt it was Karma. Luckily my lovely friend Rosie was selling hers, so i snapped it up from her.

A bit of trial and error paid off and I managed to get myself into a bit of a routine with it. So I would highly recommend this styler if you have a bit of time and effort to get used to it.

Babyliss says: “The original Big Hair is perfect for adding body, shape and shine to your hair giving you a beautiful salon blow-dry finish. Let the rotating barrel easily create the all-essential volume and body, whilst the soft bristles give you an amazingly shiny finish. Use on nearly dry hair or as a finishing tool to create a salon blow dry at home”.

My Routine

Start with wet hair, and spray a heat protector though the lengths. Then grab your normal hair dryer, and just start to rough dry your hair, until it gets to about 80-90% dry (depending on the thickness – the thicker the hair the drier it should be to make styling it easier).

Use a hair oil (I love L’Oreal Extraordinary oil for coloured hair) though the lengths. Clip the top half of the hair up and starting with the bottom half, begin to dry the hair. I also find it best to brush through the hair begore you start styling it, to remove knots. The best way I have found to style the hair is to put the barrel brush at the ends, then press the rotating barrel so it’s pulling the hair down and away from you, and then let the barrel roll the hair up. Hold the hair at the roots for a few seconds, then release and repeat as necessary – do this for the whole of the bottom half.


For the top half, I tend to hold the styler upright with the brush part pointing up, I put the brush at the roots and use the rotating barrel so the hair is being pulled away from my face. I use it at the roots instead of the ends for the top half of my hair as the layers are shorter here, and I find I prefer the style it gives.

It’s not a quick process, but it is worth it. It does give my hair a lovely softness and texture, while oomphing it up at the roots. The style holds really well and I often have people telling me that it looks like I’ve had a professional blow dry, which obviously makes my day!

You can buy Babyliss Big Hair from a variety of places, I’ve done a quick Google shopping search, and come up with a few places. Find them here.

Botanics All Bright Soothing Eye Make Up Remover

I’ve mentioned this before, but my eyes are super sensitive, so it can be really difficult to find an eye make up remover which actually gets rid of every last trace, but doesn’t leave my eyes looking like I’d been caught in a wind tunnel.

I came across Botanics All Bright Soothing eye make up remover while I was looking for something completely different (…always the way!) and as it was on special offer for £2.66, I decided it wouldn’t hurt (hopefully) to give it a go!


First off it has a very, very faint fragrance to it, nothing to overwhelming which straight away drew me to it. It’s also an oil/water based product, so the oil sits at the bottom of the bottle, then the water on top – you give it a quick shake to mix it up, then apply a small amount to a cotton pad and just swipe it across the eyes. It removes mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow so easily, there’s no need for aggressive rubbing or reapplying or the remover and because it’s oil based, waterproof/stubborn mascara just slides off easily. It’s not over oily, so you don’t feel like there is any residue left over, I think any remaining oil on the skin sinks in pretty quickly.

The only slightly small niggle is that the opening of the bottle is quite wide, so you do end up with maybe a little bit too much product on the cotton wool, but it’s just really trial and error.


The RRP price for this is £3.99 which I think, for the amount of product you get in the bottle (150ml) and the amount you actually use per eye is well worth it. The whole range is currently on offer in Boots with a 1/3 of the retail price.

You can find the whole range of All Bright products here. Boots website says this about the All Bright range – “It’ll be all bright on the night (and day) with skin brightening Hibiscus extract and natural alpha hydroxyl acids – mild exfoliators to you and us. So get ready to display smoother, radiant and brighter looking skin with our All Bright regime”.

Have you tried any of their other products? I’d love to hear any recommendations.

Results: iWhite Teeth Whitening

On the Sunday just gone I wrote my initial post for the iWhite Teeth Whitening system (find it here!).

I used it as advised for 5 consecutive days, on both top and bottom teeth. I used it at night, after brushing and flossing my teeth.

I’m sorry for the lack of photographs, I was hoping to do some before and after shots, but to be honest the camera does not pick up the difference in shades.

Removes some discolouration and stains.

The mouth guards fit nice and snugly on the teeth.

Active gel covers teeth well.
Contains calcium, so brilliant for sensitive teeth.

Per-filled trays mean no mess.

Does not whiten by 8 shades. I’d even go as far as saying it doesn’t technically whiten teeth, but just brightens and ‘cleans’ them up a bit.

Dribble. Oh my god – if you’re a newbie to teeth whitening then beware of the dribble, it’s uncontrollable.

The gel does leak out of the mouth pieces. There is no stopping that. It’s not a horrible taste so just ride it out.

Do I think it’s worth the RRP of £29.95?…No. I wouldn’t even pay the special offer price of £19.99. f you’re looking for a Hollywood white smile then this is not for you.

I wasn’t too disappointed, as the gel contains calcium which is designed to help teeth, so really I haven’t harmed the surface of them in anyway.

My teeth aren’t a terrible colour, it’s made a small difference, but as I said it seems to just brighten more than whiten!