Maybelline Baby Lips – The Wait is Over!!!

Like most beauty obsessed hoarders out there, I have been waiting on tender hooks for the UK release of Maybelline’s Baby Lips, and finally that time has come.

I snagged mine from my local Boots store (available online here!). If you can’t see them in Boots then make sure you ask a sales consultant as they are not officially on promotion yet so they’re not out on display.

I’d already decided that I wanted to try the tinted balms first, so I picked these up…


I’ve waited a little bit longer than I usually would to review them, because they’ve had a huge hype around them and I didn’t want to over do it, however I’ve tested each one out and I think they’re bloody amazing!

I wasn’t keen on the packaging at first, I thought it looked like they were aimed at younger girls and that the overall quality would be a bit cheap, but after using them, and having them rolling around in the bottom of my bag, I have to say that they’re quite robust little things!

They’re great to have on hand as they’re so easy to apply, they give a nice little flush of colour if you prefer the understated look, and they leave a lovely looking shine to the lips.

They boast having 8 hour hydration, which I could easily believe as my lips are so soft this morning. They also include the added benefit of having SPF 20 in them, which makes them perfect for using on the beach or round the pool….protection and prettiness all in one!

The tints are a nice added feature to include and they come in lovely shades (as swatched below) and fragrances…which I wish you could smell through the screen because they really are be-a-u-tiful!!

Peach Crush…


Pink Punch…


Cherry Me…




They’re also available with no tint, in Hydrate (Blue), Intense Care (Yellow) and Mint Fresh (Green).

They retail at £2.99 which I think is a fantastic price, and amazingly affordable for the quality of the product.



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