August Eye-Catchers…

How are we 8 days into August already? Time is going so quickly and I’ve been super busy, I’ve just realised I haven’t posted for a few days!

I had an hour or so of wandering around the web earlier, and I’ve seen so many things that I think would make my utter existence on this earth complete (for this week anyway) so I thought I would share…




The problem (read: addiction) with the beauty and fashion industry is that it’s forever changing so I’m constantly seeing things and thinking…”I need this to make my face/outfit/hair/*insert adequate word here* look better!”…which makes this whole hobby pretty expensive! But like any hobby, I will not give up!!

I have a pretty exciting collaboration coming up soon in about a week with 3 other blogger friends of mine, I literally can not wait, so watch this space!

I’d love to know Wharton your wish list…give me more things to drool over pleaseeee!!!!



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