Birchbox August 2013 – collaboration with InStyle

I recently re-subscribed into the addictive world of Beauty Boxes, and this time I chose to try out Birchbox again.  I used to have a subscription some time ago, but it kind of fell by the way side, and I’ve only got round to starting it back up again.

August’s box is a special collaboration with InStyle Magazine, and is still available for subscription here.


I already had my eye on a few things in this months box, as I’d read a few other blogs and had seen what they got.  unfortunately I got neither of the two in my box, however I’m still pretty happy with the contents.

I think beauty boxes are an ingenious idea, especially for people like me, who love to try out new products.  The general idea (if you haven’t heard already) is that a beauty box contains a handful of samples of different hair/skin/body/beauty products for you to try out, some high end, some new brand and some golden oldies, the thing I like most about them is that you may find something that you wouldn’t have thought to buy yourself.

The months Birchbox contains:

Cooling Eye-Mask


Skin Life Energetic Cellular Cream 10ml


Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang Body Wash 12ml


Gerda Spillman Hydro Pearls Make-Up Primer 12ml


Laqa & Co Lip Pen


Montibel-o Gold Oil Essence 30ml


I’m so excited to the the Gold hair oil and the make-up primer, two things I was pretty much in the market for at the moment anyway.



      1. It was really watery and it didn’t absorb in to the skin very well – quite sticky feeling. I was looking for a new primer anyway so I was eager to try it but I was left very disappointed. My face was shinier than ever by the time I’d finished work. X

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