Results: iWhite Teeth Whitening

On the Sunday just gone I wrote my initial post for the iWhite Teeth Whitening system (find it here!).

I used it as advised for 5 consecutive days, on both top and bottom teeth. I used it at night, after brushing and flossing my teeth.

I’m sorry for the lack of photographs, I was hoping to do some before and after shots, but to be honest the camera does not pick up the difference in shades.

Removes some discolouration and stains.

The mouth guards fit nice and snugly on the teeth.

Active gel covers teeth well.
Contains calcium, so brilliant for sensitive teeth.

Per-filled trays mean no mess.

Does not whiten by 8 shades. I’d even go as far as saying it doesn’t technically whiten teeth, but just brightens and ‘cleans’ them up a bit.

Dribble. Oh my god – if you’re a newbie to teeth whitening then beware of the dribble, it’s uncontrollable.

The gel does leak out of the mouth pieces. There is no stopping that. It’s not a horrible taste so just ride it out.

Do I think it’s worth the RRP of £29.95?…No. I wouldn’t even pay the special offer price of £19.99. f you’re looking for a Hollywood white smile then this is not for you.

I wasn’t too disappointed, as the gel contains calcium which is designed to help teeth, so really I haven’t harmed the surface of them in anyway.

My teeth aren’t a terrible colour, it’s made a small difference, but as I said it seems to just brighten more than whiten!


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