Charles Worthington – Salon At Home

So I’ve been religiously using Flawless by Macadamia on my hair for the past few weeks, and I haven’t really strayed at all. Then it sort of dawned on me that I need to try and at least test out a few other things, as people are going to get sick of me talking about Flawless eventually.

I was in Boots (where I spend a lot of my life) and I came across Charles Worthington Salon At Home range. I saw they had the ‘Takeaway’ travel sized versions, so I decided to test a few out. I love travel sizes because other than being perfect for hand luggage for flights, or weekends away, they give you the opportunity to test products and brands you might not have heard of before, for a fraction of the price of the full sizes.

I picked up…

…the Moisture Seal Shampoo and Conditioner (75ml each). This duo is brilliant, it makes my hair so soft and tangle free, it puts moisture back into my hair without weighing it down, or making it greasy. It also happens to helpfully smell lush, and really lingers on the hair for a long time. I would definitely repurchase in the full size.


20130903-184229.jpgStrength and Repair Shampoo and Conditioner (75ml each). Not loving this one so much, it kind of made my hair feel quite rough; not in a frizzy/coarse way, but more the manageability and thickness of it. The smell is a bit strange too, a bit like wet cardboard mixed with flowers. Appealing. If you’re looking for a texturising product then maybe give this one a go.

On to Styling…

Straightening Cream (50ml). I found it didn’t really straighten per sea, but it did take a lot of frizz out, and controlled the poofy-ness of my hair, which I liked. The smell is beautiful too, it’s got a really expensive good quality scent to it.

And lastly, protection…

Heat Defence Spray (50ml). It’s straight up and down a good heat protection spray. It coats the hair evenly and adds softness and shine without making it greasy. An all round winner.

The shampoo and conditioners have lasted me about 3 washes each, where as I’m still going strong with the creme and spray!

You can find Charles Worthington ‘takeaway’ sizes in Boots, currently priced at £1.99 each, and in a 3for2 offer.

You can also find the full sized versions in Boots, on a 3 for £12 offer.

Scoot…off you go!!


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