La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

I’ve heard magical things about the French cult beauty brand La Roche Posay, so I knew it would be in my sights to try sooner or later…more specifically the Effaclar Duo…


It fits into my skin care routine really well, I use it in the morning under a moisturiser, and in the evening on its own, after cleansing.

I’ve found that it’s really helped any spot scaring, and imperfections on the surface of my skin. It also makes my skin feel like velvet after I’ve used it…that’s not even an exaggeration, my skin feels amazing.

This product claims to be unclogging and corrective with anti-imperfection care, which I can vouch for, as my skin has been exceptionally clear, even around those problem times of the month. The pores on my cheeks have also definitely been better behaved since I’ve started using this, which makes looking in my magnifying mirror a little less scary.

The texture is like a serum and it soaks into the skin in seconds, leaving no residue lingering around, which also makes it a great base for applying make up on top of.


I’m always a bit hesitant to brag on about a skin care product too much, because people have such varying skin types and tolerances that their skin may not love it as much as mine, however I do think that everyone could find a use for this tube.

Effaclar Duo comes in a 40ml tube, and I use around a 20p blob each time I use it, so it’s good value for money at £13RRP (currently on offer in Boots for £9).


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