Month: October 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper – Pin Up Peach

It’s autumn, it’s cold, and I’m still wearing summery pink lipsticks.

While I’d love to be one of those girls who can rock a plum or a deep red, I just can’t. I’m slowly building myself up to wearing one for a night out, but for day-to-day I like to stick to my pinks and peaches.

Maybelline’s colorwhisper range is great because it’s like a very pigmented lipbalm, that comes in a good variety of shades. Great right? Except they’re not available in the UK, well not anywhere I’ve searched anyway.


If I’d known about the exclusivity of it when I was in America I would have stocked up with more colours. Sadly I just have Pin Up Peach at the moment…


It’s more of a pink toned peach than an orange toned peach which I prefer. And it has a very subtle sheen to it, which I find can take away the harsh effect that lipsticks can sometimes have on me.

I really, really like the formula of these lipsticks, I’d say they have the moisturising consistency of a balm, with the added colour stay ability of a full on lipstick.

I’m desperate to find more so if anyone knows where I can find them, or somewhere that ships to the UK then please let me know!


Keep Warm and Carry On

Those who know me will tell you I don’t do well in cold weather. I love the fashion that autumn/winter brings, but I hate the rain and gusty winds that tag along with it. It’s been even worse in the South East this week, when my return from sunny Florida, was met with the storm we had.

To combat the winter blues I’ve put together a little list of winter requirement which will hopefully see me through to warmer weather…the only thing missing from this was a onesie…one which I have my beady eye on in Next!

…oh yea and I had a salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks yesterday. Do it…that’s all I’ll say!

1. Kiehls – Strengthening and Hydrating Oil-in-Cream
2. Laura Mercier – Tinted Moisturiser
3. Dr Lipp – Original Nipple Balm for Lips
4. Lush – Bubblegum lip scrub
5. Philosophy – French Vanilla Bean body wash
7. Philosophy – Snow Angel body moisturiser.

1. Black fluffy jumper – New Look
2. Skinny Jeans – Levi’s
3. Pink fluffy dress – River Island
4. Boots (which I am in loooooove with) – Aldo
5. Grey Snood – Whistles

Hope you’re all keeping warm and cosy, my office is freezing this morning so I’ve got my under desk radiator going and a cup of tea brewing!!

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

I seem to flit between pencil, liquid and gel liners so often. It seems that as soon as I find one I like using, I’m ok for a few weeks then my technique gets a bit sloppy.

I’m hoping that the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners are going to be different.


So far I’m really loving how easy the formula is to apply. I’m not keen on the small applicator brush which comes with it, so I’ve been using a small elf eye brush to create anything from delicate lines, to more dramatic night time eyes.

The gel liners are really pigmented, and do last for a very long time. I have found that they’re not so easy to apply in the heat though, as the liner just seems to slide. Once you’ve got the liner on however it does stay in place in the heat, so if you’re looking for a liner for holiday then these are great, just make sure you apply under air conditioning!



I’ve also found that they’re really easy to use when trying to create a smokey eye as just before they set, they’re easy to blend.

So far I definitely think they’re worth the money. I also think that each pot is going to last for a really long time, as such a little amount is needed to create any look.

MAC – Cremesheen Fanfare

Duty free is my vice. I buy out of boredom, and pure lust!

I really love the Cremesheen range of lipsticks from MAC, because they give a great pigment of colour, while still being sheer enough that they’re not too scary for newbies or shy lipstick lovers.

My first purchase was Fanfare which is such a pretty pink shade, it looks great for day time use, or for a subtle hint of colour…



It’s not drying, and it doesn’t smudge or bleed into fine lines.

It amazes me how much even a touch of colour can brighten up, change or refresh any make up look instantly.

Are there any other MAC colours you love, or recommend for me to try?

Birchbox October 2013

October’s Birchbox has created such a stir of excitement amongst the masses, and with brands like KMS and Laura Mercier included I can see why!


I had no idea mine had arrived as I was on holiday, so when I saw it sitting in the kitchen when I got back yesterday I was de-light-ed!!

First thing I noticed was the fairly good sized KMS curl up wave foam, it helps to add natural definition and enhances wave formation. It’s to be used on towel dried hair to give a soft, frizz free finish to hair, with added heat protection.

Next out the bag was an Akane Cocoon Nocturne face mask, which smells so good, like fresh cherries. It has a bouncy jelly like texture, which is supposed to be applied in a thin layer at night before bed, then rinsed off in the morning. It claims to get rid of fatigue and gives skin a ‘luscious’ and ‘refreshed’ appearance.

A nice 15ml sample of Ultra Dex toothpaste also makes an appearance. I’ve used this brand before and lived it so was happy to see it added.

Possibly the most exciting thing in this month’s box for me was the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. I used this pretty much as soon as I saw it and I’m so in love with it that I’m bursting for pay day so I can get a full size tube. It makes my skin so soft and dewy looking without being sticky or leaving a residue.

Another favourite of mine from this box was totally unexpected. Stainiac from The Balm is gorgeous. I don’t usually like stains or tints as I find the can sometimes be really drying, and too much hassle to use but this stuff is amazing. It gives lips and cheeks such a beautiful natural colour. It’s lovely to use if you just like a hint of red on your lips.

Another favourite is the Dr Lipp original nipple balm for lips. I was so happy to get this in my box, I honestly think it may overtake my love for Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream. It’s 100% natural and can be used on a multiple of skin problems and body parts.

The last product lingering in the bottom of the box was the Egyptian Magic all purpose skin cream, there are three sachets and I’m so excited to give them ago. There are no synthetic preservatives or fragrances added and the directions for use are something I’ve never seen before for a skin cream, you apply in your palms until it takes the form of an oil, then apply it to your skin.

I’m definitely loving the Birchbox gang so much more than GlossyBox at the moment. I’m constantly surprised and excited by the products in their box.

Birchbox is available in the UK for £12.95 in postage and packaging.

Nail Polish Whore Haul

I’ve been a bit rubbish with blogging while I’ve been on holiday, but I’m coming up to my last few days now so things have calmed down now. I’m no longer like an overexcited 5 year old when someone mentions DisneyWorld.

I’ve also been mega excite cat how cheap, and I mean CHEAP nail polishes are here. I picked up another few bottles the other day…


I have 2 Essie polishes – Angora Cardi which is gorgeous for Autumn, it’s plummy, dark and just beautiful. I also picked up LadyLike which is a pretty pink neutral colour.

I found a Sally Hansen stand, and limited myself to one polish (mainly so no one noticed it in between the food shopping!)…I got 430 Rosy Outlook, it’s a shiny bubblegum pink which I love.

Lastly I picked up a L’Oreal polish in 417 Lacqueonic. It’s a rich reddy pink and glides on like a dream.

(Clockwise from top left – Sally Hansen, L’Oreal and bottom Essie polishes)

My four polishes totalled just under $30, which is around £18.

Happy happy beauty blogger right here!!