Birchbox October 2013

October’s Birchbox has created such a stir of excitement amongst the masses, and with brands like KMS and Laura Mercier included I can see why!


I had no idea mine had arrived as I was on holiday, so when I saw it sitting in the kitchen when I got back yesterday I was de-light-ed!!

First thing I noticed was the fairly good sized KMS curl up wave foam, it helps to add natural definition and enhances wave formation. It’s to be used on towel dried hair to give a soft, frizz free finish to hair, with added heat protection.

Next out the bag was an Akane Cocoon Nocturne face mask, which smells so good, like fresh cherries. It has a bouncy jelly like texture, which is supposed to be applied in a thin layer at night before bed, then rinsed off in the morning. It claims to get rid of fatigue and gives skin a ‘luscious’ and ‘refreshed’ appearance.

A nice 15ml sample of Ultra Dex toothpaste also makes an appearance. I’ve used this brand before and lived it so was happy to see it added.

Possibly the most exciting thing in this month’s box for me was the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. I used this pretty much as soon as I saw it and I’m so in love with it that I’m bursting for pay day so I can get a full size tube. It makes my skin so soft and dewy looking without being sticky or leaving a residue.

Another favourite of mine from this box was totally unexpected. Stainiac from The Balm is gorgeous. I don’t usually like stains or tints as I find the can sometimes be really drying, and too much hassle to use but this stuff is amazing. It gives lips and cheeks such a beautiful natural colour. It’s lovely to use if you just like a hint of red on your lips.

Another favourite is the Dr Lipp original nipple balm for lips. I was so happy to get this in my box, I honestly think it may overtake my love for Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream. It’s 100% natural and can be used on a multiple of skin problems and body parts.

The last product lingering in the bottom of the box was the Egyptian Magic all purpose skin cream, there are three sachets and I’m so excited to give them ago. There are no synthetic preservatives or fragrances added and the directions for use are something I’ve never seen before for a skin cream, you apply in your palms until it takes the form of an oil, then apply it to your skin.

I’m definitely loving the Birchbox gang so much more than GlossyBox at the moment. I’m constantly surprised and excited by the products in their box.

Birchbox is available in the UK for £12.95 in postage and packaging.


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