Aldo – Castel Termini Handbag

I take the matter of buying a handbag very seriously. I inspect it from every angle, hold it in both hands, then the crook of each arm, then finally my shoulders.

I look in every crevice of the bag imagining what I could cram in there and inevitably lose for a few weeks.

Then I buy it.

This time I was in Aldo in America and rather than shoot me odd looks, the shop assistant actually came over and showed me the many, many magical ways I could wear the bag and suggested what it would look good with.

I’d seen this bag in Aldo in the UK already so I was pretty sold…


It’s a gorgeous tan leather material, with worn gold stud detailing. The material is really soft without the bag being unstructured. It can be worn three ways; as a shopper bag (seen above), as a cross the body bag, or with the top half folded over and worn on the shoulder, satchel style (seen below).


There’s also a nice big zip pocket on the outside of the bag, which is safely covered over if wearing it as a satchel.

It’s quite a spacious bag inside, so fitting day-to-say things like a purse, phone, ipad and make up bag is no problem. It’s lined with a gorgeous thick cream cotton material, with an inside zip compartment, and two seen in compartments for things like keys and phones.


I love tan coloured bags, because they’re so easily styled with most other items. I’ve heard some people say that tan is a summer colour but I disagree, I think tan looks gorgeous with wintery plums and navy’s.

The Castle Termini bag is available in Aldo in store and online for £55.


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