Eau De Next…

While browsing the onesies in Next, I came across the gift sets and was amazed by the whole array of perfumes on offer this year, they seem to have expanded and brought out new fragrances.

I narrowed my choices down to two…

Sparkle is quite a heady scent with hints of citrus and floral. It smells expensive despite it’s very reasonable price tag.

And Just Pink, which is pretty, girly scent with top notes of fruit and pink blossoms – ideal for day time use…


The perfumes are all Eau De Parfum which means the formula is stronger and the scent tends to linger for a while.

I bought the small 10ml bottles, because I thought they’d be ideal for taking in nights out, of keeping in a handbag for a quick spray. Both retail at £4 each, which is so so budget friendly.

They’re also available in larger sizes, with more decorative bottles with prices starting from £6.50 for a 30ml.

These little perfumes would be ideal for stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts, and most of the ranges also have body lotions, candles and other bits and bobs.


One comment

  1. I once bought a perfume from Next (the name escapes me now) and after finally finding THAT fragrance, the one you want to wear all day every day, they stopped selling it. – Bad times. I’ll have to go and give this one a sniff. 🙂

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