Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips


Don’t laugh. Seriously.

It’s nipple balm for your lips (and other areas where dry skin may crop up). Dr Lipp is a thick, rich balm that claims to reduce skin roughness by 40% in just an hour. The balm contains Lanolin, which comes close to matching our own skins natural oils, which makes it safe
and allergy free for most of us to use. The balm is super hydrating, because of the ingredients being so similar to our skins make up it means we are able to absorb and replenish easily. The Lanolin also acts as a barrier to help lock the moisture into our skin, meaning we stay softer for longer! Dr Lipp boasts that the Lanolin is clinically proven and hypoallergenic and can be used to heal burns, abrasions and minor incisions.


I am a total 8 Hour Cream lover, I mean my little pot literally goes everywhere with me. Until now…

Dr Lipp has replaced my trusty 8 Hour Cream…and I didn’t even cry! I’m so glad I got the sample size in my Birchbox because truth be told I probably would never have tried it otherwise. Now it says it’s a nipple balm, but don’t be put off, it is for lips primarily, but if you want to put it on your nipples…knock yourself out!

So far I’ve only really ventured to putting it on my lips, either as a lip balm, or to add a bit of gloss to a lipstick. It sits on the skin and sinks in without leaving and tacky residue, which also makes it brilliant as a lipstick primer. I have found that putting a bit of this stuff on, pre-lipstick, helps to lock in the colour for a lot longer.

I’ve also used a bit on my elbows and knees, as that’s where I tend to suffer most with dry skin in the winter. It’s really helped to take down the dryness and pretty much instantly makes them feel a bit more comfortable.

The balm itself is very thick, so if it seems stuck, don’t be afraid to give it a good squeeze. The balm will soften as soon as it meets the warmth if your skin.

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips is available from Space Nk as well as a multitude of online shops, for around £11.50, for a 15ml tube.



  1. That’s interesting, I have really dry elbows that lap up moisturiser in seconds. This looks like a thicker, more effective solution! Thanks for sharing it x

  2. I’ve saw s many different bloggers rave on about this and I would LOVE to try it, my lips get so chapped at this time of year and I love trying out new lip care products to keep them in good condition, would you recommend this? x

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