The Invictus Trust – Supporting Teenage Mental Health


I’ve popped on to do an extra post tonight, mainly because it’s something that I feel could do with an extra bit of a shout out.

The Invictus Trust is a small charity set up to help and support young people with mental health problems. The charity, and their amazing work is dedicated to a young man called Ben Cowburn who struggled with his own mental health, and unfortunately is no longer with us. Ben’s experience has inspired people to give just a little time, and a few spare pennies to help other young people like him find support and guidance in what could be a terrifying and confusing time in their lives.

To raise money for this worthy cause, the charity has had these bracelets made to raise money and raise awareness …



The bracelets are not your traditional charity style, rubber bands. They’re made from soft suede-like style band, joined in the middle with a small anchor, which is the badge of the Invictus Trust.

The bracelets are such a nice design, and can easily be worn with anything.

If you want to find out a bit more information about the charity then you can find them at, on Twitter @invictustrust, or on Facebook.

If you’d like to buy one if their bracelets, then you can use the ‘contact me’ section on their website, or contact them through their social media outlets – send them a quick message expressing your interest, and they’ll let you know all the details.

The bands and anchors are available in different colours, and are £3.60 each including P&P.


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