QUICK TIP: How To Apply Winged Eyeliner


As I mentioned in my simple smokey eye post a few days ago (link here), I’m not great with eye looks, so I’ve recently been on a bit of a mission to teach myself some simple tricks.

Trying the winged look has been the biggest challenge, because it needs concentration, dedication and a relatively steady hand…things that do not come to me easily. So you can imagine my delight, when after a lot of attempts, and a pair of very red eyes, I figured out an easy 5 step solution.

I’m using a felt tip liquid liner for mine, just because it’s clearer for the pictures, I’m not overly keen on the finish and much prefer to use a tradition liquid liner or eyeshadow and push liner brush to create this look. Also apologies but I have no concealer or foundation on either…bad, bad beauty blogger!

Step 1 is pretty simple, just draw a flick from the outer corner of your eye. This can be as small or long as you like, depending on how dramatic a look you are going for.

Step 2 then requires a bit of a steady hand – draw a dot in the middle of your eye, then join the dot to the top of the flick to create a triangle shape of sorts. Where you draw the dot can be adapted to where you like, it’s really a personal opinion, it’s best to experiment and see what looks best for your eye.

Step 3 requires your colouring-in skills, to fill in that triangle with whatever liner you’re using.

Step 4 is optional – if you prefer just to have the wing at the end with no liner on the inner eye then that’s fine – this look works well if you want a more subtle eye, or if you have small eyes. For the purpose if the tutorial though, I started near where my lashes start in the inner eye, and joined the lines together.

Step 5 is just to add mascara…


Like I said earlier, this is just a quick ‘how to’ and you can make your wing more detailed and just have some fun with it!



  1. Yay! Well done on learning this! Winged eyeliner must be one of the hardest things to figure out… I’ve been trying to teach myself how to make it perfect for nearly 9 years now, and still working on it! Think it’ll be a lifelong lesson in how to do it though.
    P.S Your photos look much brighter and better! Congrats 🙂

  2. Great tutorial – I’m terrible with liquid eye liner but i shall give this a go and see if it turns out any better (here’s hoping) Great blog 🙂 x


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