Babyliss Pro Curl Styler |Unboxing & First Impressions


A while ago, the lovely people over at Sally’s ( contacted me and asked if I would like to review the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl*.

I, of course jumped at the opportunity. I’ve been wanting to try this tool for so long now, so I was more than happy to oblige. It arrived in the post yesterday, so I skipped home after work like an excitable child.

I first heard about the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl on YouTube (YouTube is a beauty addicts goldmine). I watched the video in awe as the models hair was zipped into a rotating barrel, then seconds later it appeared looking perfectly curled. Just like that…magic!

Today’s post is going to be based around unboxing and first impressions of the tool. Then I’ll follow up with a ‘How To’ style post, and tutorial.

Packaged in a sturdy, sleek matte/shiny contrast box it looks every bit the professional tool (picture above). Inside it’s kept well secured by those large, what I can only describe as egg carton looking, cardboard edges. The whole tool is wrapped in plastic, with the plug and cleaning instrument secured separately in more plastic.



I like the fact that this has a cleaning tool (above) with it. It’s pretty handy and just slots into the barrel of the tool, to clean off product build up and general dirt and dust.

First Impressions
I was really surprised with the sturdiness and weight of the tool, it immediately feels like a good quality product.

It’s easy to hold and the concealed barrel means there’s no immediate fear of burning clumsy fingers, which is double thumbs up for me.

It has a rotating barrel enclosed within the casing, which sucks the hair into it. It then sets the curl with heat, and after a few seconds you release the handle and the hair falls out perfectly curled.


The settings are incredibly user friendly. Starting from the right hand side of the above picture – to turn the tool on you set the temperature to one of three settings (low, medium, high).

Next you chose your timer setting –
0 = custom no set time, no beeping
3 beeps = 8 seconds (loose waves)
4 beeps = 10 seconds (soft curls)
5 beeps = 12 seconds (defined curls)
Whichever timer setting you pick (except for 0) will be the indicator for when to release the handle.

Lastly you can choose your curl direction. L is for left twist curls, R is for right twist curls, and A is for auto, which is my favourite – it twists the curls alternative ways to stop single curls grouping and sitting together in one big curl. I feel like I’ve said ‘curl’ so many times!!

It heats up really quickly, and has the handy feature of a flashing indicator light turning solid when ready.

Also included is a simple instruction sheet which I do recommend reading, even though the curler is so simple to use, it’s always better to know these things! And finally also a tool manual, explaining all the important small print that you’re always too busy to read. Again I’d advise giving this a quick once over as it does explain a fair amount of information.

I’ve done a super quick (and I mean chop, chop quick) demo for you.

My hair type is very thick, quite long and pretty curly/wavy/crimpy.

I washed and rough dried my hair last night. Then when I got up this morning I sprayed on a bit of heat protector and got going…


I used the medium heat setting, and the timer setting switched onto 8. The curls were done using the Auto function to keep them separated. I used medium sized sections of hair, around an inch and 1/2 thick, and started curling from the mid length of each section of hair.

I took this reeeeeally early in the morning so you’re only getting the back of my head, trust me it’s much better looking than the face.

Usually I curl my hair with a wand style curler, and it takes me around 30 minutes to do. Using the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl took me around 15 minutes, once I’d got the hang of it. The style has lasted brilliantly through the morning do far, without the use if hair spray or setting products.

I’m super impressed with this curler, I mean I did expect great things from it in the first place, what with all the rave reviews of it, but I’m just really surprised with how easy it is to use, and how quick and beautiful the results are.

You can find the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl at Sally stores and online <a href="http://Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl“>here.



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