Month: December 2013

John Frieda Full Repair Range*

New Year is really only a few hours away now, and one of the things I’m going to be doing is pampering myself a bit. My favourite thing about pampering is giving my hair a bit of TLC. I’m going to be using the John Frieda Repair Range*, I’ve only ever used the Shampoo and Conditioner from this range, so when I was also sent the deep conditioner and the flyaway tamer to try I was pretty sold already.


So, I’ll start with the shampoo and conditioner first. I usually shampoo twice, then once it’s all rinsed out I’ll apply the conditioner all over. Usually I’d let this sit for around 5 minutes or so, but seen as I’m using a deep conditioner straight afterwards I’ll massage it in and wash it out straight away.

Like I said above, I’ll then apply the deep conditioner, paying particular attention to the ends of my hair. Once it’s on, I’ll clip my hair up on top of my head, and go about the rest of my showering business. I’ll give it around 5 minutes to just sit and sink into my hair; this stuff smell amazing, the whole range has the same scent really, it just smells so good.


Once I’ve rinsed that out, and I’m out the shower, then I’ll start to dry my hair and style it as usual. This is where the tamer wand for flyaways is handy – I won’t use it near the roots as my hair does have a tendency to get quite oily, quite quickly sometimes, so I’ll just stick to using it on the ends. It makes a really nice serum, and will help to maintain my frizzy bits, and keep my hair looking sleek. I do like to use my hair dryer on the lowest setting just to give the ends of my hair a quick blast, as I’ve found that this helps the tamer sink in to the hair better.


Overall I really like the whole range, the deep conditioner is a nice weekly treatment to use, and gives hair that little extra love it might need from heat styling, colouring, or just general everyday wear and tear. The tamer is also nice, but I’m still not overly convinced that it should be applied near get roots of the hair. And the shampoo and conditioner has been and will always be a firm favourite of mine anyway, they’re great used together as a duo, or even used on their own to mix and match with another range.

I wouldn’t say that the products in this range suit a particular hair type in general, but those who would see the benefit a lot more are those of you who have heat or chemically treated hair.

My hair is left feeling soft and tangle free when using these, and styling just seems to be that much easier and less of a fight to get my hair to behave.

You can find the whole John Frieda collection at Boots, online and in-store.

*PR sample, sent for my review


John Frieda Frizz-Ease | Dream Curls Enhancing Oil*

My first ever John Frieda product was from the frizz-ease range, it was their original serum, which promised to tame hair and keep it looking sleek. I used it, loved it, and repurchased it for many, many years after. But of course, you always find something new which will eventually waver your trust in a beloved product.

I hadn’t really used any of the frizz-ease range in a few years, not until I was sent the Dream Curls Enhancing Oil*. I was so excited to try something from this range again, something this time specifically for curly hair. My hair, when I was young used to be corkscrew curly, but years of colouring and straightening has left it more on the wavy, and some what on the fluffy side.


Obviously from the name, you’ll know it’s an oil based product; however don’t worry too much if you have quite fine or thin hair, because it’s quite a nice light oil. You shake up the contents, and the oil mixes together, creating a diluted milky oil of sorts.


You then dispense around 10 drops into your palm, rub your hands together and distribute evenly through sections of your hair. I usually section hair into in 6 parts for this, and then start from the bottom of each section, working the product up to around the mid lengths of each section.

Like I said, it is a light oil, however, that has no impact on how moisturising and nourishing it is for even the thickest hair, like mine. Just like the other products in the frizz-ease range from John Frieda , it works to control fizz, and fluffiness that can often occur with curly and wavy hair. It does also help to enhance curls…and I’m not quite sure what the secret is there, maybe it’s the lightness of the product, which creates a nice bounce?

You get 50ml of product, which you might think isn’t really a lot, seen as you think you would be using a lot of the product; however I’ve hardly made a dent in mine, and I’ve been using it a lot.

You can find the oil, which retails for £9.99, and the rest of the John Frieda range, online and in-store in Boots.

*PR product sent for my review

Happy Christmas Eve lovely reader! I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has read, and subscribed to my blog, my twitter and my Instagram over the last 9 months. It really does mean a lot, every time someone decides to follow me, and I get that little ping in my inbox to tell me, it really makes my day.

To say thank you, I’ll be holding a giveaway in the New Year, just to bash away though January blues, so keep a look out for that!

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, stay safe and have fun!

Revlon ColorBurst Balms Collection | Matte & Laquer | Boots Waiting-List

I’m so, so excited for the release of the new collection of Revlon ColorBurst balms. I have quite the collection of crayon style lip balms and stains from a few different brands, but Revlon are, hands down, my favourite.

When I saw that they were soon to be releasing a line of them in new pretty shades, I was very very happy, then to add to that happiness, I heard that there would be two collections – a matte and a lacquer.

I’ve seen a few swatches around on twitter and Instagram from a few lucky bloggers who have managed to nab some, and already I know I’m going to love the lacquers. I think I could probably be swayed by the mattes more easily than I usually am with other brands too, as I’m hoping these ones will still be as moisturising as the originals.

They’re due to be released on 22nd January, and Boots already have a waiting list option, and an subscription email notification of when they’re due in stock.


If you haven’t yet tried any of the Revlon stains and balms, then it definitely recommend them – they’re such good quality for the price, and their staying power is brilliant. You can read my reviews and see swatches of my collection so far, here:

Cherish Devotion
Sweetheart Valentine
Honey Douce

The balms retail for £7.99, and are available in Boots, and the link for the waiting list and subscription is here.

My Blogging Essentials

As it’s nearly Christmas, I have slowed down a lot on buying beauty, hair care and skin care products. So I thought I’d throw in a kind of ‘general blogging’ post, just basically showing the essentials I use to keep myself organised and keep blogging as easy as possible.


I’m not saying that you need to have all of this to start a blog, it’s just for me, it’s easier if my things are portable, easy to store and travel with as I tend to live between two different houses at the moment.

The first love of my blogging life if my iPad mini, I can blog and edit my posts on the go using the WordPress app (which, after testing out Blogger, I can tell you hands down is a much better app).


I also rely heavily on it to make notes for any ideas for upcoming posts, as well as making lists (I love lists) of new products I’ve heard about, that I want to try out. I went for the mini over the standard size because it’s the perfect size for throwing in my handbag.

Another Apple accessory I now couldn’t live without is my iPad to SD lightening cable.

It plugs into the charging point on the iPad at one end, then the other end has a slot for an SD card. You insert the card, and then go into the photo reel on the iPad, and you can import all the pictures from that SD card. It just saves me so much time…and again I can pretty much do this on the go. The iPad to SD cable for the standard and the mini is available on the Apple website for £25.

Lately, my newest addition is my shiny grown up camera.

You can find my introduction post to it here if you fancy a read, at the moment I’m just learning how to use it properly, and noticing how much better quality my photos are. I love this camera because it’s compact and is so user friendly, even for a camera newbie like me!

If anyone has any tips and tricks for the camera then just leave a comment and let me know!

Q Fine Fragrance Body Spray*

Now, I haven’t properly used a body spray since I was at school, and my friends and I used to give each other the cheap sets for Christmas. So when these elegant looking Q Fine Fragrance Body Spray* aerosols popped through my letter box I was intrigued and excited to give them a go.

Q Fine Fragrance

The packaging is fab, and straight away it takes you away from the stereotype of sweetly smelling teenage fragrances, and let’s you think you’re using something quite grown up (well as grown up as one can be while she’s shoveling advent calendar chocolate in her mouth).

The Q collection is a range of different scented body sprays which are blended with fine fragrances and have soft sense-active deodorant protection – an nice added extra. They boost having an all over body freshness all day long.

I have three different fragrances;

Awe – a “refreshing fusion of Jasmine and Rose. Light, luminous and uplifting”. Straight in with possibly my favourite one, it’s absolutely gorgeous. It starts out really light with quite floral notes, then once it’s sat for a while, it becomes quite deep. The scent really lingers, and I’ve had people asking me what I’m wearing every time I’ve used it.

Awe Fine Fragrance

Radiance – a “selective blend of Rose and Bergamot. Sophisticated, rich and timeless”. . This one is a much bolder. The first thing it reminded me of when I smelt it was walking into Selfridges Beauty Hall, I don’t know if I think of a certain perfume when I smell it, or if It’s the unofficial scent of Selfridges…who knows!

Radiance Fine Fragrance

Balance – “a floral harmony of Iris and Mimosa. Romantic, soft and sensuous”. I think this one was definitely described the best, it’s definitely a scent I would describe as womanly and romantic. It’s quite sweet, without being cloying – rather more delicate.

Balance Fine Fragrance


Something they all have in common is the initial burst of freshness and, and the nice clean scent that you get. I’ve tried using these as an all over spray, and alone – just on concentrated spots like my wrists. I have to say I prefer it when only used a little at a time, because I think you can kind of lose the fragrance a bit if you spray it all over, too liberally.

Also they’re great to blend together, I’ve been wearing Awe and Balance at the same time and have loved how easily they slot in together and mix to create something different.

The one thing I haven’t been doing is substituting them for my usual deodorant. I know they boast an all day, all over body freshness but I kind of like using them as a scents rather than a protectant.

I think these sprays would be perfect if you’re quite conscious of smelling lovely, but don’t really have the funds to always use an expensive perfume every single day.

You get 100ml per spray, perfect for travelling or throwing in a handbag. You can find the Q Collection in Boots for £2.29 per spray – just stop and have a sniff next time you’re in there!

*PR Sample sent for my review

Maybelline Colorsensational Shine Gloss | 360 Stella Berry

Whoever had the idea to put make up stands in supermarkets should either get a huge big, sparkly award, or feel the wrath of my empty purse…depending on how close to pay day I am.

I went in to buy something for dinner at the beginning of the week, and I left with lipgloss. I probably should be fair and say this can happen to me anywhere, not just supermarkets. I’ve gone into Boots before to get some photos printed, and left, hiding a bag full of products.

I’ve really been whoring all out on lipsticks at the moment and haven’t really given much thought to glosses, but then I realised that I had nothing whatsoever for a winter look, so when I saw the Maybelline ColorSentational glosses I decided to stop and swatch.

The ColorSentational glosses had been highly recommended to me a month or so ago, but truth be told I’d completely forgotten about them.

I ended up picking up the shade Stella Berry (360) which sis a deep plummy red shade, with a slight shimmer running through it

Maybelline Colorsentation Stella Berry

Maybelline Stella Berry gloss

The packaging is nice and not too bulky, and the gloss comes with the standard applicator which is attached to the lid. If you give the lid a good twist, the pressure in the tube pushes the lid the rest of the way up – not to get to technical but I believe that’s to help stop the gloss drying out so easily.

Wearability is good – obviously it’s a gloss, and there’s no staining element in the formula so you’re going to need to reapply it after eating or having a few drinks.

It applies nicely, and is pretty fuss free, it doesn’t smudge or run away all over the face either. The formula also contains honey nectar to help keep the lips soft and plump looking.

The Maybelline ColorSenational shine glosses are £6.19, and are available from selected Sainsburys outlets, And Boots and Superdrug, in-store and online.