MUA | Undressed Eyeshadow Palette



I’ve heard a lot of chatter about the make up brand MUA, I know Joanna over at really likes their £1 lipsticks. So while in Superdrug yesterday I stopped to test out their eye shadows, specifically their Undressed palette and their Undressed Too palette – they’re supposedly amazing dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked Palette 1 and 2 but for a fraction of the price.

Today I’m going to reviewing the Undressed palette, which is the talked about dupe for the Naked 1 palette, and contains cool toned shades of shadow. You get 9.6g of product in this 12 shadow palette (0.8g per shadow) for £4.00, which works out at a very budget friendly 33p per eyeshadow.

The one bad point for me is the packaging material isn’t great. I wouldn’t really like to do much travelling with it, as I’d be too afraid of it cracking and spilling inside my make-up bag – it feels like it’s made from quite thin plastic. However, remember that we are only paying £4.00 for it, so the quality of the packaging isn’t going to be bullet proof. The design of the packaging is nice though, it’s a sleek clear plastic, with black and silver detailing. The inside of the palette is black plastic too, with a good amount of space between each shadow.

I was really impressed with the eyeshadow colours in this palette, I haven’t got Naked 1, but from what I’ve researched they colours seem to be along the same lines. There are some pinks, bronzes and frosted greys included, which look pretty similar to the Naked 1.

The shadows in the Undress palette are mostly pearly/shimmer based, with the exception of the two matte shades. As far as application goes, there is a little bit of fall out, the matte shades are not very pigmented really, and you have to really pack them on.


The shadows have no names, just a ‘shade number’, so starting from the top, going L-R on each line is Shade 1 through to 12.

Shade 1 – a pearly light pink toned shimmer, which would be perfect for highlighting the brow bone, or inner corners on the eyes.
Shade 2 – frosted pink shimmer shade. I actually really like this one for highlighting again, but using it for more detailed work instead.
Shade 3 – a matte cappuccino shade which is perfect for day time use. This ones not so pigmented though and would take a bit of building up.
Shade 4 – a sheer gold tone shimmer which is great for adding a bit of light to a smokey eye.
Shade 5 – a matte light brown, another good one for the day time and using in the crease of the eye to add a bit of definition. This one is better pigmented than the Shade 3 matte.
Shade 6 – beautiful and very bold gold which is going to look amazing in for have green or hazel coloured eyes.
Shade 7 – this one is more of a bronzed/rustic gold, it’s slightly darker and probably my favourite of the whole palette.
Shade 8 – a pewter toned colour, with a hint of a brown base.
Shade 9 – metallic rosey pink with a beautiful deep shimmer. This looks great paired with Shade 8.
Shade 10 – similar to Shade 8’s pewter tone, but with a slightly purple tinge to it.
Shade 11 – black with a navy blue undertone and a silver shimmer to it.
Shade 12 – a gun metal grey, with a dark metallic blue shimmer to it.

For 33p per eyeshadow you can’t really go much wrong with this palette, the colours are varied and the quality for the price is good. The palette is quite small in size too, so if you did want to travel with it, then it’s compact enough to carry around, just be a bit careful with the casing.

As far as being a ‘dupe’ for a Naked Palette, I can’t say in terms of colour matching, but for quality I’d say I’d give it a steady 6/10. If you haven’t got the cash at the moment to part with for a Naked palette then this is definitely something you should look at.

MUA can be found at Superdrug online and in-store.



  1. I own this and I actually really like it! You should see how this compares to the Sleek palettes which are also really good!

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