Nivea Soft – Giles Deacon Limited Edition


I’m like a magpie to anything shiny, sparkly or, with a pretty design; so when I saw this Nivea Soft Refreshing body moisturiser I knew I needed it, for its super cute packaging (and because I needed a body moisturiser…honest!).

The packaging is designed by fashion designer Giles Deacon, to run in line with Fashion Week – so as it’s now the end of December, you’ll know Fashion week has come and gone, so I’m pretty late to the party, but there are a few if these still floating around.

There are three designs to collect – the CatWalk, the Backstage and the Photoshoot pot; each have really pretty fashion-esk sketches around the pot and on the lid. I think it just gives what would be an ordinary little pot, a nice little twist. I also think it would make a nice little gift if you enjoy making up goody bags for people for birthdays or Christmas.


The cream comes sealed in the pot, which is something I like as you know no one else has had their grubby fingers in there. The only downside is you can’t smell what the scent is like, which is something I usually like to do…I’m a sniffer. It’s not a huge problem with Nivea products, as they have a pretty distinct smell to them. It’s comforting and rich…like a big warm hug from a muscly man.

The product itself is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Nivea – the cream is thick and moisturising, and a little bit goes a long, long way.

I love to use this in the winter especially as it always keeps my weather beaten skin feeling lovely. The cream sinks in nicely and leaves no residue, so squeezing into those skinny jeans is not too much of a problem.


You get 200ml of product in this tub which is a good amount for its £4.29 price tag. The limited edition Giles Deacon pots are still available on the Nivea website – link here.


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