Thierry Mugler – Alien


You know when you’re stood in a que, or you walk past someone and catch a whiff of their perfume, and it smells so amazing. This happened to me so many times with Thierry Muglers Alien perfume. To the point where I’d grab The Boys hand and say “quick it’s that smell that I love!”…he never seemed as excited as I did, admittedly!

I didn’t figure out what the smell was until a few of my friends stated raving about how much they loved Alien, and when in Boots I stopped to have a sniff. That’s when I learnt what my magical unknown scent, that I’d been obsessing about for months, was.

It took me absolutely ages to actually buy it, because every pay day it seemed like something else came up that needed paying for.

So when I was in duty free recently and saw the 60ml perfume and body lotion gift set, I grabbed it (and used the last of my English £ to buy it, forcing The Boy to buy me lunch).

Alien is my favourite ‘winter’ scent, it’s a rich, deep smell. I’m not great at explaining at scents, so I’ll tell you when Google told me –

“A rich floral woody amber containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber…”

I also got the body lotion in my set, which was a really nice addition. Usually I don’t use the lotions that come with these sets, but this one was a gorgeous lilac shimmery one, so I gave it a go. It’s great for layering up the scent, and helping to keep the scent all day.

You can buy Alien from a variety of different places, but Boots, The Perfume Shop and Debenhams all have great deals and offers on it at the moment.


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