Maybelline Colorsensational Shine Gloss | 360 Stella Berry

Whoever had the idea to put make up stands in supermarkets should either get a huge big, sparkly award, or feel the wrath of my empty purse…depending on how close to pay day I am.

I went in to buy something for dinner at the beginning of the week, and I left with lipgloss. I probably should be fair and say this can happen to me anywhere, not just supermarkets. I’ve gone into Boots before to get some photos printed, and left, hiding a bag full of products.

I’ve really been whoring all out on lipsticks at the moment and haven’t really given much thought to glosses, but then I realised that I had nothing whatsoever for a winter look, so when I saw the Maybelline ColorSentational glosses I decided to stop and swatch.

The ColorSentational glosses had been highly recommended to me a month or so ago, but truth be told I’d completely forgotten about them.

I ended up picking up the shade Stella Berry (360) which sis a deep plummy red shade, with a slight shimmer running through it

Maybelline Colorsentation Stella Berry

Maybelline Stella Berry gloss

The packaging is nice and not too bulky, and the gloss comes with the standard applicator which is attached to the lid. If you give the lid a good twist, the pressure in the tube pushes the lid the rest of the way up – not to get to technical but I believe that’s to help stop the gloss drying out so easily.

Wearability is good – obviously it’s a gloss, and there’s no staining element in the formula so you’re going to need to reapply it after eating or having a few drinks.

It applies nicely, and is pretty fuss free, it doesn’t smudge or run away all over the face either. The formula also contains honey nectar to help keep the lips soft and plump looking.

The Maybelline ColorSenational shine glosses are £6.19, and are available from selected Sainsburys outlets, And Boots and Superdrug, in-store and online.



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