Barry M | Natural Glow Shadow and Blush Palette

I mentioned this little miracle palette in my a Christmas Stocking Fillers post a few weeks ago. I’ve been searching for this palette for a very, very long time now. Every time I’ve looked in store it has been sold out, and online has been just as disappointing.

On the off chance, when I was looking for a nail polish, I saw it just staring me in the face. So I grabbed it, not really paying attention to the growing pile of make up items in my basket.

The Barry M Glow Palette is a mix of beautiful matte and shimmer shadows in natural shades – you get 6 shadows, as well as a pastel pink toned blush which compliments the natural theme nicely.

The packaging is a sturdy cardboard material, and the lid is kept secure by magnets.

Opening up the palette, you’ll find a nice sized mirror in the lid, which makes it great for on the go applications. You’ll also see that there are two double ended sponge applicators included as well. On first look, I dismissed them as unusable as I don’t usually like to apply shadow with them, however they’re actually really good quality, and are handy for applying base colours.

Moving onto the shadows themselves, they’re not named or referenced anywhere on the packaging so starting from left to right, I’ll just say shades 1 to 6.

Shade 1 – a rose/pink tone shadow, that’s actually more pearlescent than shimmery. It makes a lovely sublet highlighter for the inner corners of the eyes.

Shade 2 -a nice standard matte shadow, it’s not greatly pigmented but would make a good based to start with, or to use as an everyday work colour.

Shade 3 – a mocha coloured matte shadow. It looks quite dark in the palette, but once applied it blends beautifully and gives just enough definition, perfect for using in the crease.

Shade 4 – a pewter coloured shadow, with gold tones. I’ve played around with this shadow, and found that you can make a really gorgeous smokey eye look, so easily with it.

Shade 5 – bronze shadow, which would really suit those with green eyes. It has a very subtle shimmer, so can be worn during the day, or built up for a more dramatic look at night.

Shade 6 – a warmer version on Shade 4, with more brown and gold tones. I’ve found this one to be great for a smokey eye too, but I’ve also loved using it for lining the top lash line.


Blush – the blush in this set is really more of a highlighter I think, I don’t find the colour transference to be great, but the subtle shimmer is gives off is beautiful for highlighting cheekbones and running along the underneath of eyebrows. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a swatch of the blush to show up properly on my camera.

The shadows and blush are all soft, and easy to blend; there’s very little fall out of product, and although some of the shades need to be built up a tad to get the true colour, it doesn’t leave you feeling like you have layers of eye make up on.

Overall, I’m so pleased with this little palette. For the price (£6.49) the darker colours are brilliant quality, and I”m going to get a lot of use out of it.

You can find this Barry M Palette, pus the other two in the collection, in Boots, or Superdrug online or in store (if you’re lucky)….



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