GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

I’m not really a huge face mask user. Maybe it’s because I’ve never found one that actually does what it claims? Or maybe it’s just a bit of laziness on my part?

Anyway, when I had the chance to try one of GlamGlow’s masks, the YouthMud Tinglexfoliate to be exact, I jumped at the chance because I’d heard so much about the brand and their promises of clear and bright skin.


The list of benefits for the YouthMud is quite extensive, with promises like;
“Brighter, radiant skin in minutes”, “relives dark circles and minimises pores” and “tightens, tones and lifts the skin”. It’s pretty much a list of must haves for how we want our skin to look.

It also says that per treatment, the results should last up to three days, which means using it once a week would be enough to warrant it’s quite high price per ml of around £1.66 for a 15ml and around 99p for a 50ml. I like to try and get the money part out of the way first, with products that have quite a chunky price tag, more because I think you can get a much better rounded view that way.

The sample I received was a 15ml tube, which I probably could have gotten four good uses out of, if I hadn’t used too much the first time. I could have made it go that bit further if I had needed to if it hadn’t been in a tube. The full size treatments all come in small screw top jars, which I think would be much better at controlling product usage.

Onto the product itself – it smells really nice and natural. My mum told me I smelt like a herbal tea bag…thanks for that. It contains no parabens or artificial colours or fragrances and is completely cruelty free.

It does contain what looks like small pieces of leaf and plants though, and of course as it’s an exfoliating treatment, it does contain small grains to help with this.



It applies as a wet product, and quickly dries out to a firm clay-like texture. It does as it says on the packaging, with the tingling feeling quite prominent throughout the 10 minute advised time limit. It’s not an uncomfortable feeling, and is completely tolerable.

I just removed mine in the shower, with small circular motions – the end result was pretty surprising to a sceptical like me. My face did feel firmer and tighter, again not in an uncomfortable way, and my skin did look brighter; which is something I often struggle at achieving.

I would advised only using this as a weekly treatment, especially if you have sensitive skin, as the exfoliating part is is quite tough – but don’t worry, it’s not overly harsh to skin itself.

I’m keen to try the BrightMud for the eyes and the SuperMud clearing treatment now as well – after having a brief nose on the GlamGlow website, I cam across the try before you buy option, where they sell small tester sachets of each product for you to try, for £8-£13 depending on the package you select. Personally I find this a great idea, before splashing out on a full size product.

GlamGlow may have swayed me slightly now into the world of face masks and treatments. You can find the full range at

I’d love to know if anyone has tried anything else from the range, please leave me a comment or a link below!



  1. I have the SuperMud mask from GlamGlow and I thinks its the best invention ever! I have heard so many great things about this one so it’s definitely next on my list 🙂 xx

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