Month: March 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends | The Silky Smoother

I’m completely addicted to Garniers new range of Ultimate Blends shampoos and conditioners, and with this specific duo I was drawn in by the scent, it’s gorgeous – vanilla milk and papaya….mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm, it reminds me of those animal biscuits with the coloured icing on – also the promise of touchably smooth ends helped sway me.


This specific duo is tailored towards those of us with mid-long hair, with split ends. I don’t think it minds too much on the length of your hair, but if you have got shorter hair, be mindful not to use too much near the roots, maybe?

The vanilla extract is Madagascan and is apparently known for it’s softening properties, while Brazilian papaya is known for revitalising.

Anyway the shampoo goes on nicely and lathers up a treat, the only thing I will say is that even after rinsing twice I still feel like I had something ‘in’ my hair, like it was a bit soapy still. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s supposed to do, but it didn’t affect the overall result at all.

The conditioner is lovely and thick, a reasonable amount covers all of my hair. It washes out nicely, and leaves no residue behind. Brushing and styling after are also easy, and my hair feels soft and manageable.

You can find the whole range in Boots, online or in-store – link here. The budget cap on this range is amazing, with prices from £2.79 up.


Cleansers – the how, the what and the why!

Up until around a year ago, I was pretty lazy when it came to cleansers. I only owned one.

Now, however thanks to blogging and becoming an avid YouTube watcher. I have jumped onto the bandwagon and become a bit of a collector. I do still find it all a bit overwhelming at times, so I narrowed my collection down, and picked my favourite of each type (yes, there’s more than one formula) of cleanser.

First off, cleansing is pretty much the step in your face care routine that you want to invest a bit of time, some trial and error, and maybe a bit of money on. Now I don’t mean spending money on expensive cleansers, I just mean be prepared to try a few, to find one you love.

So, the below is my round up of cleansers, each one different from the other because they come in different forms; a cleansing butter, an oil, a gel, a water and finally a cream cleanser.

I use all these cleansers in pretty much the same way, except for the water base one, which I just apply with a cotton pad. I usually pop a bit of the cleanser onto my fingers, then starting form the middle of my face I work outward in circular motions, making sure the cleanser covers my whole face, then lastly I go in and remove my eye make up, still just using my fingers in gentle circles. To remove I either just wash my face with warm water, or if I feel I need a bit more of an exfoliation, I’ll use a muslin cloth, or just a face flannel.


The Butter
Butter cleansers are great for all skin types. They melt onto the skin, and can be a great help at removing stubborn eye make up, as it just slips off. I like to use The Body Shop Sumptuous Cleansing Butter, £12.00, as it contains camomile, which means it’s extra kind to sensitive skin. It leaves my face feeling fresh and squeaky clean, as well as so, so soft.

The. Body shop also do this cleanser in an oil form too, if that’s what you prefer, which brings me nicely onto this next one…

The Oil
Using an oil to remove make up and cleanse my face always feels slightly more luxurious to me. I just love the way it glides on and takes everything off. I like the L’Oreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Oil, £5.33 because again like the butter above, it’s safe for use on face and eyes, it leaves my face feeling soft and looking nice and glowy. I have normal to slightly, combination skin, so if my face feels a tight of dry then this is excellent just to add a bit of moisture.


The Gel
I’m not a big user of gel cleansers, and the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser, £5.30 can’t be used directly on the eye area to remove make up. However the reason why I love it so much, is that it contains Glycolic Acid, and if you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’m pretty into the stuff. It’s great at retexturising the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells. Gel cleansers are also great for people with oily skin, as the gel still allows the skin to get that moisture, without weighing it down.


The Water
My choice of water cleanser may divide some people, as some use a Micellar water as well as cleansing (me included sometimes), but it can just be used alone, and it’s another great choice for oily skinned people. I find the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, £4.99 really refreshing, and excellent and removing all make up, including eyes. It’s also great for for those of us this sensitive eyes, as it’s really gentle.


The Cream
Lastly, and probably the most conventional of the lot, is the cream cleanser. It’s less drying than a gel, and some aren’t designed for use on the eye area. My favourite, in terms of a good clean, and a nice radiant afterglow is Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Cream Cleanser, £5.33
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All of my picks are budget friendly, and readily available in online and in-stores – just click on each price above to be taken to the relevant websites.

A Trio of Treats | Umberto Giannini

I was drawn into Boots by their enticing 3 for 2 offer they have on at the moment, and ended up leaving with three Umberto Giannini products. As a brand I think their products are fantastic, and low and behold they actually do what’s promised on the packaging.


I went for the Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask, £5.91 which sounds very fancy. I’ve wanted a new mask for a while now, and this one just popped up at the right time. It’s a lovely thick constancy, and a little bit really goes a long way. If you have thick, dry or damaged hair then this mask will work great for you. If you have fine hair then I’d recommend this for use just on the ends of hair.


Following on the moisture theme, I also picked up the Instant Beauty Leave In Conditioner, £6.00. I love using a leave in conditioner, especially now the weathers that bit warmer, I find it just adds and extra layer of protection to hair. This one worked well at softening my hair, and it actually made brushing and styling much better.


And lastly, I picked up the Frizzi Miracle Worker, £8.00, because clearly I need another hair oil to add to my already growing collection. It actually a really nice, light weight oil which is easily adaptable to either fine or thick hair. It works well to combat frizz, and keeps my fly away ends and fluffiness at bay. I actually like it near on as much as my L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil, which is quite the compliment.


I think Umberto Giannini have really stepped up the hair care game in the last year, and they’re on par with the Lee Stafford and the Charles Worthington of the hair care world.

You can find the full Umberto Giannini range at Boots in store or online at

Nivea Express Hydration Primer | Daily Essentials

Primer is not something that I have ever managed to fit into my make up routine very well. I just forget, which is terrible I know. I’m just never very keen on the silicon feel of a lot of them, I dislike the plastic, slippery texture.

I remember seeing the Nivea Express Hydration Primer a while ago, but I kind of bypassed it. Probably for a nail polish or an eyeliner, because obviously I don’t have enough of those!

Then when I saw it on offer recently, I picked it up and had a bit of a more in depth look over the packaging, and decided that I could possibly trick my brain into forgetting it was a primer, and that it was more of a face moisturiser, and so far it’s worked!





It comes in two forms, one for dry and sensitive skin (like mine above), and another for normal to combination skin. The idea is that it’s a light gel cream which absorbs instantly into the skin, so you can apply make up straight away…check! It also moisturises as well as primes, so it’s like a two in one product, adding hydration to an even and smooth base.

It’s really a great product for the price, it does make my skin feel really soft and smooth, and I have noticed how much better my foundation applies when I include this. I can’t really say too much on the staying power of it though, I don’t think it helps to keep a base on for really much longer.

I also like to use this primer alone, if I don’t feel like wearing any make up, as it just evens out my face more, gives a bit more of a glow, and doesn’t worry me that I’ll be scaring any small children any time soon.

I picked up the one for sensitive skin purely because my eyes have been a bit funny lately, and have reacted badly with some products, but this has been completely fine, no niggles or stinging problems.

You can find Nivea in most local supermarkets, as well as in Boots and Superdrug, and is generally priced between £3.00 to £4.49 depending on various deals.

FAIL: Pantene Pro V | Anti Aging 7in1 BB Crème for Hair

I really don’t like posting bad reviews, but I feel that I do spend a lot of money on beauty and hair care so I may as well share the bad, as well as the good.

The bad, unfortunately comes in the form of Pantene Pro V’s BB Crème for hair. Now I really did think this was a brilliant idea, something to protect hair and give it a nice boost of wonderful things. However that was not the case.




The BB Crème is part of the anti-aging range and is targeted at preserving youthful looking hair and tackling combing damage to leave the hair looking full and shiny.

I have quite thick, heavy hair which I know does not take well to using products too heavily towards the roots, so with this in mind, I applied to the ends of my damp hair, and worked up toward the mid section.

Everything was fine with brushing and the sectioning of my hair, the trouble came when I started to dry it. My hair became stiff and straw like, and totally rebellious, it was like someone has sprayed my hair with super strong hold hairspray, and no amount of brushing was going to help. Then came the heavy, greasy roots – this I just could not cope with so I had to rewash my hair.

Like I said, I had high hopes for this BB Crème, as I think the idea is brilliant, and as a brand I think Pantene are fabulous with their hair care, but sadly this just did not do it for me.

If you have heard good things though, and you still want to give it ago then the BB Crème is available from, or

YouBeauty Discovery Box | March 2014

I’m back again with a YouBeauty Discovery beauty box, and I must say, I am still completely converted to them.


The March one for me is a belter, with a 100ml sized BeautyLab GlycoWash, and a 90ml The Body Shop cleansing butter, it’s pretty much topped any beauty box I’ve had ever…







I’ve already reviewed the GlycoWash – link here, which I’m so glad I chose, as it’s been a wonder product for me skin at the moment, and my review of the Body Shop cleanser is coming up in the next week or so, so watch this space if you’re interested in that.

You can find more information about You Beauty, and the way their subscription box works at