Month: April 2014

SuperFacialist by Una Brennan | Vitamin C Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils have become something of an addiction of mine. I think it’s safe to say that the cream and gel cleansers have taken a back seat on my shelf. Oil cleansers have just worked really well for me, because 1) they remove make up so easily, 2) they moisturise rather than strip but still leave my skin feeling clean and fresh, and 3) cleansing is not a chore anymore, I actually enjoy doing it this way!

My latest purchase is the Una Brennan Vitamin C Skin Renewal cleansing oil. If you’ve never heard of the brand before, then you’re crazy, because in terms of skin care, they pretty much cater to every need, but still at a price point that’s fairly affordable.



This little wonder is something I’ve had my eye on for a while now, and when I saw it on offer in Boots a few weeks ago I decided to give it a whirl.

The oil is Vitamin C based, with active ingredients for a youthful, healthy glow and a smoother retexturised appearance. It’s a lightweight oil with added olive, grape seed and rose hip oils to aid in nourishing the skin, while the rosemary oil, Vitamin E and cucumber oil help to gently remove make up and impurities.

Now it sounds like a whole mouthful of oils have just been thrown in together, but the mixture really does work well together. I’ve had no trouble removing stubborn make up, and my skin is always left feeling fresh and awake – the vitamin c really helps here because not only does the ingredient work for the skin, the zingy orange scent of the oil really helps to uplift my mood a bit too…it just smells fresh and summery so using it in the morning is a great wake me up.

The oil cleanser is simple to use – you just apply to the fingers, and massage into the skin and around the eyes to remove traces of make up. Then you just wash off with warm water. The oil is soluble and will transform into a light milky texture, when contact with water is made. I’ve found it really good to double cleanse with too, so I’ll apply the oil first as mentioned above, then I’ll dry my face and apply again, but this time I’ll use a warm muslin cloth or just a normal face cloth to remove oil and help to gently exfoliate.

Una Brennan is an UK accomplished facialist and skincare expert. With more than 15 years experience she is known in the beauty world as on of London’s best kept secrets. The SuperFacalist range is one that’s suitable for all skin types and combines natural extracts, high performance scientific ingredients and beautiful aromas to give healthy, youthful and beautiful results.

The whole range of Una Brennan products can be found in Boots here, or in stores.

The Vitamin C Skin Renewal Cleansing Oil is currently on offer in Boots for £7.99 (RRP £10.99).


NSpa Brightening Micro-Derma Scrub | Review

In a previous post I explained how my skin had become really dry, and a bit unmanageable with finding base make up to help cover it.

I wanted to find a scrub to help exfoliate, without being to harsh, and drying my skin out anymore. Enter the NSpa Brightening Micro-Derma scrub…


I’ve used, and loved NSpa products before so when I saw the Micro-Derma scrub which contains micro exfoliation beads as well as nourishing neroli essential oil. It’s dermatologically tested and paraben free, so ideal for those with sensitive skin, and NSpa as a range are against animal testing which is also great for the kore ethical beauty lover.

The scrub is designed to be gentle at drawing out impurities and helping to smooth skin, buff away dead cells and unclog pores. The added ingredients of natural Vitamin E and moisturising ginseng aid in helping to keep skin looking smooth and feeling soft.

Truth be told, I was a bit worried about using a scrub on my already dry skin. I just didn’t want anything else to unhydrate it even more, and I know some scrubs do tend to be quite drying, however I knew I had to keep up some sort of exfoliation.

The scrub itself is quite creamy in texture, and then once it’s spread onto the face, you can feel the tiny beads inside. It’s not grainy, nor does it feel sand-like, like some I’ve used previously which is a massive thumbs up.

There was also no tightness, or dryness after using the scrub, and my face, after only two or three washes is looking considerably more brighter, noticeably softer and much less thirsty. I’ve used it every other day so far but I think as my skin evens back out, hopefully to its normal state, I’ll start using it twice a week.

I think NSpa is a fabulous brand, especially seen as most of their products are always on offer in Asda for the bargain price of 2 for £8, and often even 3 for £10. Even on it’s own this scrub is a practical £4.05.

If you have an Asda near you I recommend popping in to take a look, there is a range online via Asda too however it’s not always stocked fully.

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Body Lotion | + Shea Butter

Everything I seem to be posting lately is to do with dry skin, so I thought I may as well pop in a quick post about all over body care.

I suffer with dry skin on my legs, especially after hair removal, but I can’t use anything to perfumed or even anything to thick in consistency because it just seems to do the opposite, and not work at all for me. I saw Mikhila from MissBudgetBeauty post a little while ago about the Garnier 7 Day body lotion with Shea butter, and she raved about it, so when I saw it on offer in Boots, I grabbed it to try.



There were a few more reasons than just her recommendation, one being I’m going on holiday soon and the Garnier bottles are prefect for travelling as they are quite narrow and fit into wash bags with ease, but also because the Shea butter lotion is tailored to those with dry to extra dry skin, which hands up, is me!

The lotion is light weight and absorbs fast, so again is perfect for me because I’m terrible at waiting for anything to dry down properly. The thing I don’t agree with, and I knew I wouldn’t when I read it was that it leaves skin feeling hydrated for up to 7 days – it doesn’t and it does need to be reapplied daily, and I when I bought it I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that I couldn’t possibly only apply it once a week…that’s crazy to even think!

Apart from that it’s a really, really lovely lotion and it will definitely be joining me on my sunny travels in June. The Boy also seems to like to steal my body lotion while we’re on holiday so at least he can use it without worrying about people questioning why he smells so pretty.

I also talked about the Garnier Oil Beauty lotion a few posts ago which is also beautiful to use however it is quite scented so I’m saving it for one offs and when I fancy a bit of a pick me up, and will keep the Shea butter one strictly for everyday use.

You can find the Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Body Lotion range in Boots online here, and in stores RRP £4.99, currently £3.33.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation | Review

My skin has decided to rebel lately – it’s decided to reject my current foundations, and has turned into a dry, cakey looking monstrosity.

Ok, so that’s a bit over the top, but for someone who has always had normal, easy skin to care for it can seem a bit daunting. I decided I needed to try a new foundation, as well as some new skin care treats (watch this space for those posts!).

I found and swatched the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in Classic Ivory 103, and decided that the finish was exactly what I was looking for – moisturising and with enough coverage, but still light enough to combat cakey-ness.




It comes packaged in a glass bottle, with a plastic pump dispenser and metallic blue detailing. It’s pretty standard to most high street foundation packaging, and to be honest the packaging wasn’t really what I was in it for with this foundation.

The Match Perfection foundation boasts itself on being a light perfecting radiance foundation, which is supposed to be undetectable under any sort of light and lasts all day.

There is also quite a range of shades to choose from, with the lightest being a very fair porcelain colour. The shades do tend to lean slightly more towards the pink toned end of the spectrum, but it’s nothing too strong. I picking up 103 Classic Ivory which has been a perfect match for me.

The foundation pumps out, and goes on really nicely. I used a Real Techniques expert face brush to apply mine, and just buffed it into my skin, adding more foundation to the parts where I needed a bit more coverage.

The finish was exactly what I was hoping it would be. It added moisture to my dry parts, and gave my skin a nice, radiant all over glow, without looking too dewy. Lately anything I’ve used base wise on my skin has just ended up oxidising and going really dry and cakey, so I was extremely happy to see something finally working.

It also has a nice natural finish, and it does actually look great in natural sunlight as well as the harsh strip lighting. It just holds up really well for a high street foundation. Rimmel isn’t usually a brand I turn to for foundation, but I’m so pleased that this little gem caught my eye. Another thing I like is that it contains an SPF of 18; so enough to help protect in the during day and prefect for using in the spring time.

Overall I think this foundation is great if you’re looking for something that’s hydrating and has a nice buildable coverage. I’ve had a few compliments about my skin looking like it was glowing and healthy, which has made me feel 10 times better about the dryness.

You can find the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in Boots, online here or in-store.

Dr Stuarts Tea | Detox and SlimPlus

I’m not a die hard dieter, I’m not one for crazy fads or quick fixes, so this is definitely not what this post is aimed towards.

I love food, and I’m a self obsessed snacker too which when combined is a nightmare for trying to shed a few unwanted pounds I seem to have gathered up over the winter. My problem can be attributed to boredom eating, as well as working in an office, where people often bring in naughty treats and wave them under my nose. I have zero will power, I know.

When a colleague of mine suggested I try Dr Stuarts teas, as they’d really helped her combat bloating and curbing her appetite as well as various other things, I done a bit of snooping.

Dr Stuarts have a vast range of different teas, all aimed at different things you may want to change. The teas are all natural and herbal, so I decided to try the Detox range, and the SlimPlus range. Now, just a small disclosure, the SlimPlus range is not to be used as a slimming agent, and it to be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime (neither of which I claim to have, but I’m working on it).





I decided to mix these up a bit, so I’ve been having one tea bag per day, for 5 days, then two days of nothing, then another 5 days of the other tea bags. So for example, I used Detox for the first 5 days, then had two days of nothing, then 5 days of the SlimPlus, and I’ve been alternating like that for four weeks now.

The Detox bags contain dandelion root and burdock root, peppermint, and spearmint to help cleanse the body. I found these to be really great at helping with bloating and just generally clearing out toxins – I was constantly going for a wee (TMI?) a few hours after drinking these which is possibly a good sign. I haven’t noticed anything too drastic with these, but I think they help you more on the inside than they do on the outside. They one thing I will say is that they leave such a funny after taste in my mouth that it actually started to make me feel a little bit sick. Not the ideal outcome!

The SlimPlus bags contain fennel, linden leaves and galangal root which is believed to help suppress the appetite. Again, I’m going to stress that this is not to be used as a quick fix for weight loss, it’s simply just to help sustain a good diet. I have been having one tea bag per day, around 3pm which is when I usually start having mad sugar cravings. It’s worked really well so far, and has helped me to curb my sweet snacking, whether it’s just mind over matter more than anything? Who knows, it’s worked for me though! I haven’t lost any significant amount of weight, but that’s not really what’s I was looking to do with these tea bags anyway. I would definitely recommend these if you’re a self confessed snacker and need a bit of extra help to restrain yourself from the biscuit tin.

I’ve also found that having one of these a day has helped cut down on my usual tea drinking too, which is pretty high, as I work in an office and I don’t need much pushing to have a tea break!

You get 15 bags per box, and each bag comes individually packaged, which helps to keep the freshness in and also makes them ideal to take on the go with you.

You can find the whole range of Dr Stuarts teas here – link. I’ve heard really great things about the Skin Purify range, as well as the Tranquility bags, which I think will be next on the list for me to try.

BarryM Boots Binge

I’ve done a bad, bad thing.

Boots enticed me in and made me buy nail polish, and I relented.


Shamefully I’ve added 5 more polishes to my growing collection, however at the bargain price of £2.99 for the standard nail polishes, and £3.99 for the gelly hi-shine polishes it’s hard to say no. Well that and the current 3 for 2 offer across cosmetics in Boots too.

I picked up three gelly hi-shines – Dragon Fruit, which is a bright pink with a slight shimmer running through it. Rose Hip, which is a pretty pale pastel pink and perfect for spring, and Blood Orange which really is more of a fire engine red, and looks amazing on toenails.


Then because I still love a dark, vampy nail even in the summer, I picked up Berry Cosmo which is a dark, luxurious purple shade; and Raspberry, which is, well…a deep raspberry shade.


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Barry M and if you haven’t then I urge you to pop yourself down to your nearest Boots and grab everything you can in the 3 for 2 deal. Please, it would make my guilt feel slightly abated.

The polishes, in my opinion, rival those of the likes of the Essie and Nails Inc of the polish world. The glide on beautifully and are pretty chip resistant as well as being nice and quick to dry down…pretty much all we’re asking for in a nail polish!

You can find the whole Barry M nail range in Boots, online here or in-store.