Bargain Buy: Superdrug Coconut Oil

Everyone loves a bargain right?

I’ve heard great things about coconut oil, but I very rarely use coconut based products unless I’m on holiday…it’s the smell!

Anyway, I saw a tub of the stuff in Superdrug and decided to give it a try, and at £2.29 you can’t really go too wrong.



It comes in a solid form, and stays that way all the time it’s at room temperature. Once you scrape some out though, it quickly melts when contacted to skin.

This is when the real magic happens, because apart from it’s intoxicatingly good smell, it’s an amazing product for softening dry and hard skin – I’ve been using it on my elbows, knees and and rough areas for a while now, in preparation for my summer travels, and it’s worked really well, much better than a body moisturiser.

As it’s an oil, once warmed, I have also dabbled in using it as a cleanser, but I’ve found it’s just a little bit too thick for that, for my skin anyway – if you have dry skin it might be more your thing. I have successfully used it as a face mask of sorts – applying it all over, leaving for 10 minutes, and rising off, just using a flannel.

It can also be used for dry and damaged hair, and dry, itchy scalps. Just massage the oil into dry hair from the scalp down, then pop hair into a shower cap – for extremely damaged tresses leave over night, or just for a nice deep condition leave for no longer than two hours, then wash off with a good clarifying shampoo. I recommend the Boots Expert Build Up Removal shampoo – link here, once it’s all washed out, you’re done – no need for any conditioner!

Overall it’s a brilliant multi-tasking product, and for the price you really can’t not have something like this, or similar in your beauty stash.

You can find the Superdrug Coconut Oil online here, or in Superdrug stores.



  1. My friend uses this and loves it too however I’m allergic to nuts so I am pretty sure I shouldn’t use this!x

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