NSpa Brightening Micro-Derma Scrub | Review

In a previous post I explained how my skin had become really dry, and a bit unmanageable with finding base make up to help cover it.

I wanted to find a scrub to help exfoliate, without being to harsh, and drying my skin out anymore. Enter the NSpa Brightening Micro-Derma scrub…


I’ve used, and loved NSpa products before so when I saw the Micro-Derma scrub which contains micro exfoliation beads as well as nourishing neroli essential oil. It’s dermatologically tested and paraben free, so ideal for those with sensitive skin, and NSpa as a range are against animal testing which is also great for the kore ethical beauty lover.

The scrub is designed to be gentle at drawing out impurities and helping to smooth skin, buff away dead cells and unclog pores. The added ingredients of natural Vitamin E and moisturising ginseng aid in helping to keep skin looking smooth and feeling soft.

Truth be told, I was a bit worried about using a scrub on my already dry skin. I just didn’t want anything else to unhydrate it even more, and I know some scrubs do tend to be quite drying, however I knew I had to keep up some sort of exfoliation.

The scrub itself is quite creamy in texture, and then once it’s spread onto the face, you can feel the tiny beads inside. It’s not grainy, nor does it feel sand-like, like some I’ve used previously which is a massive thumbs up.

There was also no tightness, or dryness after using the scrub, and my face, after only two or three washes is looking considerably more brighter, noticeably softer and much less thirsty. I’ve used it every other day so far but I think as my skin evens back out, hopefully to its normal state, I’ll start using it twice a week.

I think NSpa is a fabulous brand, especially seen as most of their products are always on offer in Asda for the bargain price of 2 for £8, and often even 3 for £10. Even on it’s own this scrub is a practical £4.05.

If you have an Asda near you I recommend popping in to take a look, there is a range online via Asda too however it’s not always stocked fully.


One comment

  1. If you’re having really flaking skin then I recommend sitting with a hot washcloth on your face for ten minutes before exfoliating, it softens up the skin and opens the pores so your scrub will be more effective. I had some dry patches a while back and I noticed a big difference when I did that before hand. I hope your skin goes back to it’s normal state!

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