L’Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream | Review

In theory, blurring certain aspects of your complexion is a brilliant idea, so adapting a product to do this, and do it well, would be a huge find for any beauty brand.

I took a look at L’Oreals blur cream from their Nude Magique range. I knew I already really liked the range, so I hoped the blur cream would follow suit to everything else.





First off it comes packaged in a twist top opening, squeeze tube which makes it hygienic, but not to easy to control product output – speaking of which can be slightly tricky because the product doesn’t always come out of the tube on the first squeeze, and when it does, it’s kind of shoots out.

The formula and texture is that of a silicon based product, which is where I kind of lost a bit of love for it. I’m not a fan of silicon based primers, mostly because I dislike the way it sits on the skin, and that it’s such a slippery feeling product, I feel like it’s more of a hindrance that a help really. I just don’t feel like it does anything for me, my skin and my make up personally.

If you have incredibly dry skin, with large pores or features you want to hide then this Blur Cream may be exactly what you’ve been looking for, because in terms of hiding imperfections and smoothing out the appearance of skin then this does exactly what it promises…if you don’t mind the texture.

It comes in two shades light/medium and medium/dark. I picked up the medium/dark by accident, however it really isn’t dark at all, and blends into my fair skin with ease. My one tip is to definitely give this a try before you purchase it, especially if you’re new to a heavy silicon based product, just to see how it wears and what kind of effect you get from your skin.

You can find the L’Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream in Boots in-store and online – link here, for £9,99



  1. Oh I knew by your swatch this was not going to be something I’d like. I always feel like tinted silicone primers are a bit gimmicky, purely because of the nature of silicones they don’t build up ( thank goodness), they are meant to be sheered out evenly. Too bad this product was a dud for you though, I’m not sure if you’re in the US or not, but if you are it sounds like you should return it.

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