Summer Lips | The Balms Edit

Even though the weather in England is not playing ball too well lately, I’m hoping by the time this post goes up it’s actually sunny outside and that we can actually say summer is well and truly on it’s way here. What’s the likelihood eh?

Anyway, my next few posts are going to be Summer products, with the first one, this post, starting with lips, and focusing more on the balm stains of the beauty world.

I love balm stains, especially for summer and especially for holidays. They’re easy to transport around with you and are super super easy to apply – I don’t even need to use a mirror for mine. They’re pretty fool proof.

A lot of beauty brands saw an opportunity then Clinique launched their chubby sticks for lips. It wasn’t soon after that the high street brands jumped on the bandwagon, one of the first I believe was Revlon, with their Just Bitten Kissable range – they are stain based balms with great lasting power and a whole host of different colours, especially now that they’ve released the much anticipated Matte and Lacquer collections of these balms. Everyone else soon followed suit and now pretty much every high street brand from L’Oreal to MUA now have their own versions of these, so the choice of colours, shades, textures and finishes is varied, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

I’ve had a rummage through my current collection, and pulled out 6 of my favourites for the upcoming and hopefully sunny months.




From left to right I chose Revlon’s Sweetheart Valentine which is a bright pop of pink; Cherish Devotion which is a creamy baby pink and perfect if you have a tan; and Honey Douce, my favourite of the group, which is a perfect natural lip colour but just adds a nice depth. Bourjois Peach on the Beach and Orange Punch are another two holiday favourites of mine, and again they look great with even a slight tan (faked or real…), and the constancy of these balms are lovely and creamy, so good for dry lips. Finally L’Oreal released their Glam Shine balms, and as soon as I saw the beautiful balmy shade Fall For Watermelon I knew I had to have it – it’s a nice deep pink which helps to just give my skin a bit of a pick me up.

When I first started using he balms, I wasn’t much of a lip product wearer…I’m not a full blown addict, so I’d definitely recommend these if you’re not so confident with experiment with colours and shades,as these can easily be sheered out, or even built up for a better intensity.

All of the shades, except for Revlon’s Sweetheart Valentine, which I bought while on holiday in the US, can be found in Boots, online or in stores.


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