Blog Sale


Welcome to my blog sale page. All items sold here are my own, that I’ve bought myself (unless stated individually).

If you’re interested in any of the items, please send me an email with the subject ‘BLOG SALE: (item of interest)’ to, or leave a comment below with your email address – please also include the number in brackets next to the name of each product below.

I have tried to get a true picture of each product, however it might be worth doing a Google image search for swatches before deciding on purchasing.

Payment of product(s) can be made through Paypal, or alternative means, but please let me know first and we can sort out another method.

Postage per product is £2.10 and will be sent 2nd class (proof of postage will be kept). If you’re buying more than one product then an additional 10p will be added to the initial price.

The China Glaze nail polishes are priced at £4.00 each or 2 for £6.00. I’m open to offers on all my products, but please make sensible ones.

Most of the products in the sale have either only ever been swatched, or used once or twice – where applicable I will state otherwise.


left to right:- – £3.00 each
Nails Inc Park Crescent (1)
Nails Inc Farringdon Crackle Topcoat (2)
Nails Inc Buckingham Street (3)


left to right:- – £3.00 each
Nails Inc Chester Terrace (4)
Nails Inc Hampton Court (5)
Nails Inc Chelsea (6)


left to right:- – £2.00 each
Topshop Treasure (7)
Rimmel Too Cool To Tango (8)
Rimmel District-ly Come Dancing (9)


left to right:- – £2.50 each
Barry M Limited Edition 349 (10)
Revlon Iced Mauve (11)
Revlon Gold Sequins (12)
Ted Baker Pink (13)


left to right:- – £4.00 each
China Glaze Prism (14)
China Glaze Fill Spectrum (15)


left to right:- – £4.00 each
China Glaze Exceptionally Gifted (16)
China Glaze Temptation Carnation (17)
China Glaze Tantalize Me (18)
China Glaze Reggae To Riches (19)


left to right:- – £4.00 each
China Glaze Rich and Famous (20)
China Glaze Fifth Avenue (21)
China Glaze Sugar High (22)
China Glaze Pink Voltage (neon) (23)


left to right:- – £4.00 each
China Glaze Street Chic (24)
China Glaze Street Chic (25)
China Glaze Dress Me Up (26)
China Glaze Something Sweet (27)


left to right:- – £4.00 each
China Glaze Spontaneous (28)
China Glaze Sexy In The City (29)
China Glaze Urban-Night (30)
China Glaze Seduce Me (31)


left to right:- – £4.00 each
SinfulColors Soul Mate (32)
China Glaze Rose Amoung Thorns (neon) (33)
China Glaze Hawaiian Punch (34)
China Glaze Hook and Line (35)
China Glaze Coral Star (36)


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