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Lust List #1

Today’s post will be short n’ sweet because I’m heading out to The O2 Arena for my brothers birthday meal, and I’m a terribly unorganised person.

I’m on a spending ban for August, on account of saving for my holiday in October, so I’ll just have to make do with lust lists for now (expect a lot of these)…

It’s taken me a while to get on the satchel band wagon. I could never quite find one the right size for me, they were either too big or too small – I’m the goldilocks of satchels. So this one is perfect with it’s structured frame and roomy but not oversized appearance.

Following on with accessories, I seem to be addicted to sunglasses. As much as I’d love a pair of Ray-bans, and I’d definitely get a good wear out of them, I just can’t part with the cash (and I’m extremely clumsy and heavy handed). I love the shape of the Wayfarers and I’ve found a few similar copies from other brands, but the ones I’m currently lusting over are a little bit more delicate looking in the frame area.

My last lust for the fashion side of things are the jeans. I love a good skinny jean, you can so easily dress them up, or casually dress them down. Everyone seems to be going crazy for ripped jeans again, but I think they’ve had their day with me and my cake-loving legs.

Moving onto the beauty side of things, my choices have been pretty standard, I’ve thrown in some haircare that I’ve heard a lot about recently, along with a new yet-to-be-released lipgloss that I’ve heard rave reviews on, and a couple of luxury cosmetic items that are perfect for summer.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from my lust list, and tell me what you thought!

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Topshop Leigh Jeans | £38.00 | link here
Nails Inc gel polish (Kensington High Street and Porchester Square) | £14.00 each | link here
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Stella McCartney STELLA perfume | £52.50 (50ml) | link here


HER | 300 Trecento Hair Treatment

Hello heat, hello heavy hair.

My hair is thick and pretty long and naturally curly, so in the hot weather I do tend to just rough dry it and leave it to pot luck, with hopes it behaves itself. The heat can dry my hair out, especially when I’m on holiday, so I saved the HER Hair Rituals treatment to use specifically while I was away, and for a few washes after I got home.


The 300 Trecento treatment is designed as a pre-wash treatment, so you wet your hair and apply, then leave for 300 seconds (5 minutes) and wash out, then apply shampoo usual – I used my usual container on my first wash and found it was far too much for my hair to handle so I left it out after that and the results where much better.

I used this twice in the week I was on holidays, then once a week for a few weeks once I was home. It left my hair feeling beautifully soft and easy to manage, especially in the humid temperatures.

If you have dry/damaged hair that’s thick then it’s a perfect treatment to give your hair a nice pick me up. If you have fine or oily hair then I’d recommend using it on the ends of the hair only, and shampooing twice to make sure you’re not left with any build up whatsoever.

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HER Hair Rituals 300 Trecento Hair Treatment – £14.00 – link here

You Beauty Discovery Box | July 2014


This months YouBeauty box really didn’t tickle my fancy in anyway, in terms of product choice. The few bits that I may have been interested in were out of stock, so I just ended up picking the most practical of the remainder of the bunch.

Julys box is inspired by travel, with the majority of the products being sun cream or fake tan based, neither of which rocked my world, so I opted for the Maybelline Miss Manga Mascara and the Balm Balm rose lip (and more) balm. Both products are a good size, the mascara is of course a full size, and I think the balm is too, if it’s not though then I’m pretty pleased with how big the sample is.


Then for the extra goodies, I was sent a sample sachet of the Egyptian Magic cream, which I’ve tried before and really enjoyed, it’s great for sensitive and dry skin. Also tucked in there was a sample vial of the Agent Provocator perfume Fatal, which I had a little spitz of – it’s nice enough but didn’t seem to last on me too long, and it sort of reminded me of something else.

And then lastly, and most strangely, there was quite a good sized tube of the Dove men’s care shave cream, now when I first saw this is though da faq am I supposed to do with this? I thought about giving it to the boy to try out, but he doesn’t really wet shave much anyway, so I’ve just decided to keep it and use it to shave my legs with instead. It’s all the same anyway! It did get me thinking though that it would be nice to see some of these brands like Dove, who concoct specialist shave cream for me, to maybe create similar for women, as I have quite sensitive skin on my legs, and most convention shaving gels irritate me.


The YouBeauty subscription box is available to order from the 1st of each month. You pay the subscription charge of £6.95 inc P&P, then you just go on and choose you’re two products, and they do all the rest. You can find out more by clicking this link – here.

TIGI Bedhead – Elasticate


Ladies (and gents) who aren’t shy to bleach and colouring, really ought to read on here because I’ve stumble across a genius formula from TIGi Bedhead.

I religiously dye my hair every 8-10 weeks or so, I alternate between a full head, and half a head of bleach and colour foils, so that added to heat styling, and just general day to day brushing can mean my hair is prone to breaking and splitting.

Usually I use products aimed at dry/damaged hair in order to put a bit of much needed moisture back into my locks. However this time I decided to try something more for adding strength and protein into the hair to see if I could get a better overall lasting result. I did a bit of research and found that TIGI Bedhead had a range called Elasticate which was aimed at weak, breakable hair and was supposed to help strengthen hair with the added help of elastin and protein. It also aims to improve texture, manageability and adds shine….check, check and check!



I ordered mine from a website called, which if you haven’t already popped over there then I highly recommend as it’s a great place to grab a bargain, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The shampoo is 250ml, while the conditioner is 200ml, however surprisingly It’s the shampoo which I seem to be running out of quicker this time. The duo work really well together, with the shampoo thoroughly cleansing and the conditioner adding a bit of much needed shine.

For the first few washes I found that my hair didn’t feel as soft as it might have done, had I used one of my normal brands for adding moisture. It was still really manageable and nice and shiny, though but there was something missing. So I tried to mix and match and use just the shampoo from this range, and a bit of a heavier conditioner, but thats when I definitely noticed a decline in the strength and manageability of my hair.

So I switched back to using both the shampoo and conditioner from this range – a few washes in and my hair was back on track, and feeling a bit more healthy again. The ‘softness’ you might get from other brands is replaced with a texturising element, which isn’t a bad thing, as it does give a good amount of volume, and the hair is still soft to the touch but just in a different way, which may take a bit of getting used to.

I really love this range from TIGI, and if you suffer with breakage and weak hair then I couldn’t recommend it more. I’ve noticed much less fall out from brushing and washing, and even my hairdresser has commented on how healthy my hair has been looking so thumbs up all round from me.

Also, just a small disclaimer, beware when travelling with these products as the shape of them can often be misconstrued as other items…just sayin’!!

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TIGI Bedhead Elasticate Shampoo – link here – £6.95
TIGI Bedhead Elasticate Conditioner – link here – £7.50

The game changing OGX Hair duo

There’s something about the chic, but chubby bottles of OGX (formally organix) shampoos and conditioners that I just can not resist.

The blends and ingredients of their products always sounds so luxurious, and I’m always drawn in by their promises of swishy, gorgeous looking hair and amazing scents.

I went off plan and done something I don’t usually do so hair care. I bought a shampoo and conditioner that wasn’t from the same range.


I picked up the Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil shampoo, mostly because my hair is prone to breaking off. The heat and colour that I’ve poured onto my hair over the years has not been at all helpful to the condition of it, so I thought an extra bit of TLC would be what it needed. As shampoos go, it does the job it’s needs to in terms of cleaning, however I have found that my hair is a bit softer, and a lot less knotty just after washing it out which is definitely going to help breakage.


The conditioner I opted for was the Luxurious Moroccan Argan Crème. It’s a softly whipped Crème conditioner, so won’t weigh hair down so much, and is designed to give extra moisturising benefits. The forumla is really soft and light, I’ve never really tried a conditioner of this texture before, and thought I would have to use quite a bit of it to get any sort of results, however that’s not the case; my hair felt soft and silky, and just after three washes with it I noticed a big difference in just the texture and condition of my hair.


Sadly I had to stop using these two combinations together as I think the Keratin oil in the shampoo and the Argan in the conditioner was too much, and was in fact weighing my hair down a bit too much. However used separately with a lighter counterpart product, they both work like a dream.

The shampoo is ideal if you have quite fine, oily hair and you don’t like to use a lot, or any conditioner on at all, as it’s quite moisturise on it’s own.

The conditioner is a good product to use after a cleansing, stripping, or product build up shampoo, as it will just inject some much needed moisture back into your locks again.

The OGX range of shampoos, conditioners and treatments are available at Boots – link here. Online can be a bit sparse sometimes, so it’s worth popping in store if you have one local.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde – go blonder

Anyone who has blonde hair (*ahem*….bleached or tinted) will know what an absolute pain it can be to keep it looking bright and healthy looking. I know there are various purple shampoos on the market, which claim to stomp out brassy, yellow tones however, there is not much around designed with lightening, brightening and nourishing qualities in mind.

Enter John Freida Go Blonder*, from the Sheer Blonde collection.

It’s aimed at all types of blondes – naturals or fakers, to help gradually lighten hair. For natural blondes this means it helps to illuminate your already gorgeous colour, and for the fakers it helps to keep the maintenance of re-colouring a bit more manageable, which is of course going to help the condition of your hair improve if you’re visiting that bottle of bleach less.


The Shampoo and Conditioner are branded as being the lightening duo of the range while the oil elixir is the brightening, and of course nourishing treatment.

The Shampoo is light, and easy to lather up and really get into the roots of the hair. I always worry with really lathery (is that actually a term?) products, that they’re going to be a bit of a nightmare to wash out after, however I didn’t find this a problem at all, and it left my hair feeling squeaky clean.

The Conditioner is light, creamy and easily distributed through the hair, without having to use too much product. It washes out well, and leaves my hair feeling nice and soft. It’s pretty much what I look for in a conditioner – I have thick hair that likes to hold onto product, which can often make the overall results look greasy or weighed down, however I haven’t experienced this at all.

Now for the lightening claim – I’ve had 8 washes using both of these together and I can’t say that I’ve noticed anything different about my hair – it’s a bit shinier and it smells wonderful, which to be honest gets thumbs up all round for me on it’s own. I’m going to be taking this duo on holiday with me, and using while there as they really do seem to be helping to inject some much needed moisture into my bleached locks, so I’ll update again if it notice a difference in the overall colour of my hair.

Moving onto the Brightening Oil Elixir – I have nothing but praise for this product. I use it on damp hair before blow drying, as well as slicking some onto the ends as a finishing treatment, and its like someone is shining a glittery light onto my hair – actually it reflects light and just makes my hair, especially the dry ends, look (and feel) humanly acceptable! I’ve used many oils before, and this one definitely has a place within my top three favourite budget oils.

Overall, the shampoo and conditioner are really nice to combat general hair needs however, I just haven’t seen anything colour combating yet – by the time I’m away on holiday though my hair will be due its regular colouring and I may see some better results then. The oil as I’ve said above is fantastic, and really helps to keep my hair looking nice, fresh and healthy.

You can find the whole John Frieda Sheer Blonde range online and in-store in Boots – link here.

*post contains PR samples