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Herbal Essence Smooth & Soft Shampoo and Conditioner | Review

I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with Herbal Essence. Some of their formulas are amazing, and other fall short of even being ‘meh’ for me. I also find their Nicole Shirtswinger adverts a bit annoying too…honestly who can make their hair look like that in an airplane bathroom with no hairdryer, how quick does that girl’s hair air dry! I’m obviously flying with the wrong companies.

Anyway, I was browsing the shampoo isle in my local supermarket, as I so often do, and I saw this bright and enticing duo stacked right along my eyesight.

I saw that it contained mandarin extract and with one swift sniff it was in my basket. It just smelt like pure, unashamed summer in a bottle. It also helped that it was formulated for dry and frizzy hair, and whaddya’ know, thats my type.

I do like that Herbal Essence comes in two different sized bottles. I tend to use the small ones for testing and travelling, and if I like enough then I’ll repurchase the larger ones for my ‘everyday’ collection.

This particular duo from the Smooth & Soft range, I actually really enjoyed using, and I must say I was very surprised with the results. Usually when something smells so good, my hair seems to say ‘ohhh no, no, no. Not this one. You might be tempted to eat me’.

The shampoo is cleansing, without drying or knotting the hair and I really feel like I get a good scrub going with it. The conditioner does exactly what you’d hope, and leaves the hair feeling soft and moisturised. It doesn’t weigh the hair down, which is one thing I’ve had problems with, with Herbal Essence before.

Styling wise, I found it really easy to achieve smooth, manageable hair that stayed looking (and smelling!) good after 24 hours. I have quite long hair that knots easily, and I actually think this helped to keep that to a minimum.

You can find Herbal Essence in boots, Superdrug, and most local supermarkets. Prices can vary from £1.50 upwards.

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Charles Worthington | Hair Treats

The Charles Worthing Salon at Home range is one of my favourite high street drugstore purchases. Their products are top quality, and they’re always on special offer in Boots which means that they’re purse friendly too.

Seen as I am currently inundated with shampoos and conditioners, I decided to have a go with a few treatment based products instead, so I picked up the Mineral Hair Rescue Masque (£8.99) and the Hair Heeler Leave In Conditioner (£5.99), both from the Moisture Seal range.


I love hair masques (masks?) but they’re not something I use often enough. Usually I have just enough time to jump in the shower, throw on the necessary products, rinse and jump out. However lately, I’ve been trying to give myself a bit more time, and just relax so this masque seemed a good buy. The packaging, like all the products, gives the air of a much more higher end brand and e quality follows suit. This masque is fabulous, I don’t have to use a lot to cover my thick hair, and it’ feels super luxurious when on – thick enough to keep my hair slicked on top of my hair while I go about my business, yet silky enough to wash out easily. I also love the lid to this product, it’s a snap shut lid, which helps when you’re in the shower, trying to scoop out product, apply it, all without actually getting moisture and excess water into the pot of product. It leaves my hair feeling nourished and tangle free, and easy to style.

The leave in conditioner is also makes styling and brushing a dream, with it’s gel like constancy, it’s distributed evenly through the hair and leaves no heavy residue or greasy feeling – it’s lightweight and moisturising. Leave in conditioner is something I use regularly as its quick boost of moisture into the hair and is a brilliant addition if you’re prone to dry, damaged hair. I like to use mine if I’m on holiday, as it just makes sure my hair is taken care of after a day of sun and swimming.

As I mentioned, these products are really well priced anyway, but you can always find them online or in store in Boots, usually on on special offer – at the moment they’re currently 2 for £8.

Like many bloggers, I have entered the 2014 Cosmo Blogger Awards, under the Best Beauty Newcomer category. If you read my blog, and enjoy it please pop over to their website (link here) and give my little blog a vote! Also, if you’ve entered your blog yourself, then leave me a comment below with your details and I’ll take a look

Garnier Ultimate Blends – The Sleek Restorer | Review

I’m nearly there with all my Ultimate Blends reviews.

This one comes to you in the form of the lovely scented ‘The Sleek Restorer’ range. A duo containing Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter, it aims to leave dry, frizzy hair feeling soft and protected against the damp weather.




Obviously the scent of these products is going to be a winner, coconut and cocoa? Yes please! I thought it might be very heavily coconut scented by actually it’s much warmer and leans a lot more towards to cocoa butter end of the smell spectrum. It’s lovely and warm and sniffable (where did that word come from?…).

The shampoo lathers up nicely and can be spread out over the hair without really using too much product – washed out my hair felt nice and clean and pretty soft.

The conditioner is quite thick, which I thought it probably would be, and again it covers the hair quite easily. It is a tad heavy, so if you have hair prone to greasiness then try to keep it away from your roots as much as possible. As heavy as it is, it does wash out really easily, without much rinsing, and it leaves hair feeling nice and soft.

Styling wise, it left my hair manageable and easy to brush through, there were minimal knots and I wasn’t worried about loosing a brushing battle with my hair. Once dried my hair felt soft and it smelt pretty darn amazing – the scent unfortunately doesn’t last too long, so if you’re one of those lucky ladies who doesn’t have to wash her hair often, you won’t reap the benefits of smelling like a summer holiday.

The price point of these shampoos and conditioners is, as I am always preaching, bloody brilliant – with prices starting at £1.97.

You can find the whole Garnier Ultimate Blends range in Boots online, or in store.

Garnier Ultimate Blends | The Colour Illuminator

Is anyone surprised that I’m here with another Garnier Ultimate Blends post? No? Me either.

I pretty much have the entire range now so expect the rest to come shortly, but for today I have the Colour Illuminator shampoo and conditioner.


The Colour Illuminator range is infused with Moroccan Argan oil and North American cranberry extract to help protect coloured hair, and leave it feeling clean and bouncy.

The shampoo really does leave the hair feeling squeaky clean, and the conditioner softens my bleached tresses. Like the rest of the collection the duo contains no nasty paraben a, which will ultimately just go towards helping you hair even more.

Once dried my hair looks shiny and healthy, which is unusual when I’m near to needing my roots touched up (…like right now), they always look just a bit greasy around this time. Neither product weighs the hair down, or leaves it feeling lank or knotty, and that feeling lasts until the next wash.

For all it’s really great results, it’s not my favourite of the brands offerings for me though, the thing that let’s it down is the scent. It just smells so chemical-infused compared to the rest – a little bit like the L’Oreal Nutri-Gloss range, if you’ve ever tried it.

If you don’t mind the scent though, it really is a great find and can do wonders for dry, chemically damaged hair.

You can find the full range here at Boots, or in-store if you’re more of a browse and but kinda gal.

L’Oreal Studio Line Wave Creating Spray

A few days ago I saw that Adrienne from TheSundayGirl blog had reviewed a wave creating spray from L’Oreal.

Being a natural wavy haired girl, I ventured into Superdrug to take a look at the L’Oreal Studio line Wave Creating Spray.


Now what I didn’t realise until reading the packaging, was that it states it’s for straight hair – however not one to follow the rules to strictly, I thought using this may only enhance my natural waves/curls, and define them somewhat…so I bought it!

The spray claims to be a non-heavy, non-crunchy formula, which with the help of added texturising micro-powers, crates soft waves on straight hair. It also has the added benefit of a heat protector, so if you did want more defined curls and waves, then try using a wand or a tong.

The HOW TO USE guidance is interesting too, it says to apply over damp hair, and half blow dry. Section your hair into two or more top knot buns (depending on length and thickness) and blow dry again. Then undo the buns and continue to blow dry, while scrunching the hair upwards from the ends to create waves.

Now, with mine, I didn’t do the top knot suggestion, because of my hairs natural wave, so I just scrunched, and used my fingers as a sort of diffuser.

Overall, I really like this spray; it’s great for creating a nice, easy, casual look and it does help to add a lot of texture without weighing the hair down, or making it feel funny.

If you’ve tried this and you have straight hair, then plead let me know what you think as I’m intrigued to know of it works for you!

You can find the L’Oreal Studio Line Wave Creating Spray in Superdrug at the moment for half price (RRP £3.79). Superdrug don’t seem to have it online, so if the web is your on,y means of buying, then Boots have it online, for full price, here – link.

Bargain Buy: Superdrug Coconut Oil

Everyone loves a bargain right?

I’ve heard great things about coconut oil, but I very rarely use coconut based products unless I’m on holiday…it’s the smell!

Anyway, I saw a tub of the stuff in Superdrug and decided to give it a try, and at £2.29 you can’t really go too wrong.



It comes in a solid form, and stays that way all the time it’s at room temperature. Once you scrape some out though, it quickly melts when contacted to skin.

This is when the real magic happens, because apart from it’s intoxicatingly good smell, it’s an amazing product for softening dry and hard skin – I’ve been using it on my elbows, knees and and rough areas for a while now, in preparation for my summer travels, and it’s worked really well, much better than a body moisturiser.

As it’s an oil, once warmed, I have also dabbled in using it as a cleanser, but I’ve found it’s just a little bit too thick for that, for my skin anyway – if you have dry skin it might be more your thing. I have successfully used it as a face mask of sorts – applying it all over, leaving for 10 minutes, and rising off, just using a flannel.

It can also be used for dry and damaged hair, and dry, itchy scalps. Just massage the oil into dry hair from the scalp down, then pop hair into a shower cap – for extremely damaged tresses leave over night, or just for a nice deep condition leave for no longer than two hours, then wash off with a good clarifying shampoo. I recommend the Boots Expert Build Up Removal shampoo – link here, once it’s all washed out, you’re done – no need for any conditioner!

Overall it’s a brilliant multi-tasking product, and for the price you really can’t not have something like this, or similar in your beauty stash.

You can find the Superdrug Coconut Oil online here, or in Superdrug stores.