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Lush | Sex Bomb

For years and years I’ve dreamed of snooping round Lush, and leaving with arms full of bath bombs, but alas, sadly we only had a shower at home for a very long time.

However, I’m sighing a big relief that we’ve not long had a nice big bath installed, and I’ve taken to lush, like a moth to a flame.

I was looking specifically for a nice, relaxing bath bomb that smelt good, and would be a quite moisturising. The sales assistant recommended Sex Bomb, and also said not to take any notice of the name, it was perfect for relaxing as it contained a fragrant blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage.

It also turns the bath into a beautiful swirl of pinks and purples…





It fizzes and dissolves really well and doesn’t leave any grittiness or hard to clean residue. It smells beautiful and it great to pair with a face mask and a good book!

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Regener8 Day Cream | Chemist Direct


Skin care has become my dirty little secret of late. There used to be a time when I just slapped some moisturiser on my face (sometimes I didn’t even bother with it…shocking!) and I was done. Now my pile of remedies has grown, and I can not seem to hide this addiction any longer.

When I was asked by Chemist a Direct to choose a few products to review, I of course went for a snoop around the skincare section. I saw the Regener8 Day Cream*, and it sounded exactly my cup of tea. It’s an advanced day cream that’s designed to improve the elasticity of skin, so pretty much helping to snap it back into place after laughing, and keep it there. It also helps to nourish, soften and condition skin, and claims to rejuvenate the eye area by up to 6 years in just 4 weeks.

The formula is something that I thought I would struggle with as it’s quite thick for a day cream, so I was pleasantly surprised to find you really only need a small amount and that it sinks in straight away.



The cream contains camellia oil, pomegranate oil, almond oil and Protolea to help put back moisture and essential fatty acids back into the skin. You might be sitting there thinking, “ok that’s a lot of oil right there”, but the formula really isn’t oily at all – it’s rich, but not greasy.

I’ve been using is for a few weeks now, and I’ve really found it so effectively with the dry skin I’ve been suffering with on my face. It defiantly helps to soften and treat the skin, rather than just temporarily smooth it. Using a thin layer of it also acts as a surprisingly good base for foundation.

The claim I was most interested in testing out was the eye rejuvenation one. Decreasing the look of eye ageing in 4 weeks? Who doesn’t want that! I have hereditary dark circles, it comes from my maternal grandad’s side of the family and along with that I also suffer with a dry, tired under eye area.

As I’ve mentioned, the cream is thick but light weight enough that it moisturises my under eye area, but still keeps the sensitive skin cared for. The formula has definitely helped to soften the skin there, so much so that I’ve been using it over the top of my night cream as an under eye cream before bed.

Overall it’s really nice cream, it may be a tad thick for day wear for some skin types, however it would make an ideal night cream if you prefer to use something a bit lighter at night.

The Regener8 Day Cream* is available exclusively from ChemistDirect.

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Regener8 Day Cream – £16.99 – link here.

*Post contains PR Sample.

NSpa – Spa Treatment in a Box


In a bid to carry on spreading the word about my love of NSpa, I bring you today….*drum roll*….the Spa Treatment in a Box*!

I’ve seen a few brands offering these up, specifically the likes of The Sanctuary, who have a very similar box available from Boots. Before you go rushing off over there though, especially if your budget is looking for something a bit more purse friendly, then take a look at the NSpa box at nearly half the price.


The box contains a 30ml pot of the Glycolic Peel with a brush to apply, and a 50ml Brightening Day Cream. Now I’m a huge fan of Glycolic acid, I find it really helps to keep my skin looking bright and smooth, with little to no blemishes, so of course I slathered this onto my face as soon as I opened the box. You get a brush to apply the peel, which is helpful because I tried to apply it with my fingers (the brush does make my face feel a bit scratchy) and it just did not work out well. Glycolic acid can sound a bit scary if you’ve never really researched it before, but in short it removes a layer of dead skin, much like exfoliating would do.

You apply a thin layer, and I mean thin as you really don’t need a lot of it, all over the face – avoiding the eye area, then leave to dry for 10-15 minutes before peeling off. Now this was probably my favourite part – if you’re one of those people who can’t help by peel off dry skin then you’re going to have a field day here. The peel comes away from the skin really easily, and it nice big pieces, so there’s really no mess at all. What I would recommend is to start peeling from the corners of the nose, as that’s where is seems to lift up the easiest. The mask is brilliant for tackling blemishes, and I’ve found it’s really helped to reduce redness and the surface look of any spots I’ve had.

Once it’s off, give your face a quick wash and pat dry, to remove any last traces of the peel, and then you apply the brightening day cream all over the face. The cream helps to add moisture and protection back into the skin, and is designed for daily use, whereas the peel is only designed to use up to twice a week. The cream is nice and light, and sinks into the skin quickly with no greasiness or residue.

I love the concept of these boxes, as it’s pretty much giving you everything you need, ready made, to give your skin a nice treat. The quality of the products really are great too, I know I’ve really harped on about NSpa in the past but their price point versus quality is really unbelievable.

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NSpa Spa Treatment in a Box – £9.99 – link here

*PR sample sent for my review.

You Beauty Discovery Box | July 2014


This months YouBeauty box really didn’t tickle my fancy in anyway, in terms of product choice. The few bits that I may have been interested in were out of stock, so I just ended up picking the most practical of the remainder of the bunch.

Julys box is inspired by travel, with the majority of the products being sun cream or fake tan based, neither of which rocked my world, so I opted for the Maybelline Miss Manga Mascara and the Balm Balm rose lip (and more) balm. Both products are a good size, the mascara is of course a full size, and I think the balm is too, if it’s not though then I’m pretty pleased with how big the sample is.


Then for the extra goodies, I was sent a sample sachet of the Egyptian Magic cream, which I’ve tried before and really enjoyed, it’s great for sensitive and dry skin. Also tucked in there was a sample vial of the Agent Provocator perfume Fatal, which I had a little spitz of – it’s nice enough but didn’t seem to last on me too long, and it sort of reminded me of something else.

And then lastly, and most strangely, there was quite a good sized tube of the Dove men’s care shave cream, now when I first saw this is though da faq am I supposed to do with this? I thought about giving it to the boy to try out, but he doesn’t really wet shave much anyway, so I’ve just decided to keep it and use it to shave my legs with instead. It’s all the same anyway! It did get me thinking though that it would be nice to see some of these brands like Dove, who concoct specialist shave cream for me, to maybe create similar for women, as I have quite sensitive skin on my legs, and most convention shaving gels irritate me.


The YouBeauty subscription box is available to order from the 1st of each month. You pay the subscription charge of £6.95 inc P&P, then you just go on and choose you’re two products, and they do all the rest. You can find out more by clicking this link – here.

NSpa Beauty Rituals | Replenishing Moisture Mask

Face masks are a rare purchase for me, mostly because I just don’t factor them in very well to my routine, and I never leave myself enough time.

More recently though, through the luck of receiving beauty box samples, I’ve had a few to test out, so have been keeping them within my eyeliner, and slathering them on while a dry my hair, or paint my nails. I will admit that my skin has seen an improvement in using them, especially on the moisture front, so I decided to pick up a tube of something.

The NSpa Replenishing Moisture Mask aims to do exactly that…replenish moisture. It contains a blend of sweet almond oil and essential neroli oil to help rehydrate and restore, as well as ginseng and good ol’ vitamin E to help calm and soften skin.

It’s a cream based mask, which you apply to your face and neck in a thin layer. It’s quite light in consistency, so don’t be surprised if it sinks in quickly, it’s not like a conventional mask that you’re going to be able to see sitting right on top of your skin. This also means less fuss and mess when trying to remove it after the 10-20 minute guideline sitting time. It says to remove either using cotton pads soaked in warm water, or a toning mist, however I’ve take mine off using a flannel and a muslin cloth and both have been fine, especially if you like a little bit of exfoliation too. NSpa advise to use 2-3 times a week to see optimum results.

So, has it helped? In short yes, it’s a nice moisturising, easy to apply, budget friendly mask.

Is it the most nourishing one I’ve used? No, however if you’re looking for something quick and easy to include in your skincare routine a few times a week as a bit of a pick me up, I would highly recommend it. It’s helped to even out the dryness on my face and I’ve had no breakouts from it.

The matte white packaging is really lovely, as with all the NSpa products, it just looks, and smells more expensive that it actually is! You can find the whole range of NSpa goodies at your local Asda stores, or online here.

GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment

Enter one of the most hyped-up beauty products of the blogging world.

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment is labelled by most as the must have skin saviour that has graced the world of masks and treatments ever.

Ok so slightly OTT maybe.


I’d previously tried the YouthMud version of the GlamGlow range – link here. I really rated this mask, and loved the results, so when I had the opportunity to test out the clearing treatment I, of course, jumped at it.

The texture and appearance of this mask is much like it’s counterpart, but if you’re not familiar it has a watery mud texture which when applied to the skin, will dry to a hard clay within around 10-15 minutes. You then gently wash off, using circular motions to exfoliate the skin.


Now up until the washing off part, I was pretty happy with this. Nothing magical though, and not really as impressive at the YouthMud, in terms of feeling like anything was happening right then on my face. The YouthMud has a nice tingling sensation, the SuperMud however, just has a slight peppermint scent to it, but nothing apart from that.

It’s a bit messy to apply, yes. But you only need a small amount to cover the face, and it’s easy to spread over. The SuperMud is supposed to target, prevent, and heal problem skin leaving you with a beautiful, glowing complexion.

I have to be honest and say that to start with I was really underwhelmed with the results, it just didn’t really seem to do anything for my skin at all, and unfortunately is just got worse from there, It’s really dried my skin out and I’ve had multiple breakouts all over my skin.

I think if you have really oil prone skin that gets clogged very quickly, or you’re just going to be using this on problem areas such as blemishes to help dry the area out then it could do some good for you – I would just recommend you use it sparingly and with care, around sensitive areas. I have heard people rave about the SuperMud, but personally I just found the YouthMud treatment to be a bit more up my street, skin care wise.

You can find the whole range of GLAMGLOW products at for a slightly discounted price than most retailers.