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The game changing OGX Hair duo

There’s something about the chic, but chubby bottles of OGX (formally organix) shampoos and conditioners that I just can not resist.

The blends and ingredients of their products always sounds so luxurious, and I’m always drawn in by their promises of swishy, gorgeous looking hair and amazing scents.

I went off plan and done something I don’t usually do so hair care. I bought a shampoo and conditioner that wasn’t from the same range.


I picked up the Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil shampoo, mostly because my hair is prone to breaking off. The heat and colour that I’ve poured onto my hair over the years has not been at all helpful to the condition of it, so I thought an extra bit of TLC would be what it needed. As shampoos go, it does the job it’s needs to in terms of cleaning, however I have found that my hair is a bit softer, and a lot less knotty just after washing it out which is definitely going to help breakage.


The conditioner I opted for was the Luxurious Moroccan Argan Crème. It’s a softly whipped Crème conditioner, so won’t weigh hair down so much, and is designed to give extra moisturising benefits. The forumla is really soft and light, I’ve never really tried a conditioner of this texture before, and thought I would have to use quite a bit of it to get any sort of results, however that’s not the case; my hair felt soft and silky, and just after three washes with it I noticed a big difference in just the texture and condition of my hair.


Sadly I had to stop using these two combinations together as I think the Keratin oil in the shampoo and the Argan in the conditioner was too much, and was in fact weighing my hair down a bit too much. However used separately with a lighter counterpart product, they both work like a dream.

The shampoo is ideal if you have quite fine, oily hair and you don’t like to use a lot, or any conditioner on at all, as it’s quite moisturise on it’s own.

The conditioner is a good product to use after a cleansing, stripping, or product build up shampoo, as it will just inject some much needed moisture back into your locks again.

The OGX range of shampoos, conditioners and treatments are available at Boots – link here. Online can be a bit sparse sometimes, so it’s worth popping in store if you have one local.