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NSpa Beauty Rituals | Replenishing Moisture Mask

Face masks are a rare purchase for me, mostly because I just don’t factor them in very well to my routine, and I never leave myself enough time.

More recently though, through the luck of receiving beauty box samples, I’ve had a few to test out, so have been keeping them within my eyeliner, and slathering them on while a dry my hair, or paint my nails. I will admit that my skin has seen an improvement in using them, especially on the moisture front, so I decided to pick up a tube of something.

The NSpa Replenishing Moisture Mask aims to do exactly that…replenish moisture. It contains a blend of sweet almond oil and essential neroli oil to help rehydrate and restore, as well as ginseng and good ol’ vitamin E to help calm and soften skin.

It’s a cream based mask, which you apply to your face and neck in a thin layer. It’s quite light in consistency, so don’t be surprised if it sinks in quickly, it’s not like a conventional mask that you’re going to be able to see sitting right on top of your skin. This also means less fuss and mess when trying to remove it after the 10-20 minute guideline sitting time. It says to remove either using cotton pads soaked in warm water, or a toning mist, however I’ve take mine off using a flannel and a muslin cloth and both have been fine, especially if you like a little bit of exfoliation too. NSpa advise to use 2-3 times a week to see optimum results.

So, has it helped? In short yes, it’s a nice moisturising, easy to apply, budget friendly mask.

Is it the most nourishing one I’ve used? No, however if you’re looking for something quick and easy to include in your skincare routine a few times a week as a bit of a pick me up, I would highly recommend it. It’s helped to even out the dryness on my face and I’ve had no breakouts from it.

The matte white packaging is really lovely, as with all the NSpa products, it just looks, and smells more expensive that it actually is! You can find the whole range of NSpa goodies at your local Asda stores, or online here.


Johnsons Face Care at Asda

Johnsons is one of my absolute favourite drugstore skin care brands, their products are incredibly situated in price and quality.

To make matters even better, and to help with tight purse strings, I found out that Asda seem to have a continuous offer on all their Johnsons products, my local Asda have definitely been running this for around 18 months now. The offer is pretty penny saving too with any three products for £6.00. I could pretty much buy everything on the shelves and just stocked up for the rest of my life, but I have some self restraint, so I stuck with red things I knew I needed…


First of all I’ll get the dreaded face wipes out of the way. Some people love them, others hate them and I can sort of see why, but I generally use face wipes to remove my make up initially, usually before I get in the shower, or before I cleanse and tone my face. Sometimes I even use them if I’m feeling really lazy and I just want to go to bed. Don’t judge. I like the Johnsons Make Up Be Gone Moisturising Wipes, they don’t dry out my skin, and they don’t leave a lingering residue afterwards either.

I’ve needed a new day cream for a while, and after completely falling in love with the Johnsons one for normal skin, I went back for another. Except this time they didn’t have the one for normal skin in stock, so I picked up the Nourishing 24h Day Cream for dry skin (SPF 15). There’s not too much difference between the two for me really, maybe because my skin is a bit weather bashed it’s enjoying the dry skin formula at the moment. I will get the lighter one for the summer though, as this cream just keeps my skin feeling soft and cared for.


Lastly, I grabbed the Daily Essentials Gentle Eye Make Up Removal Pads – I’d heard that they were good for sensitive eyes and my source was right. They remove every last trace of eye make up, without making my eyes uncomfortable and irritated. There’s no fragrance at all to these, and they just feel like cotton pads that have been soaked in water, that’s how sensitive they were to my fussy eyes.


You can find the whole range of Johnsons face care products in store and online at Asda.