Nivea Express Hydration Primer | Daily Essentials

Primer is not something that I have ever managed to fit into my make up routine very well. I just forget, which is terrible I know. I’m just never very keen on the silicon feel of a lot of them, I dislike the plastic, slippery texture.

I remember seeing the Nivea Express Hydration Primer a while ago, but I kind of bypassed it. Probably for a nail polish or an eyeliner, because obviously I don’t have enough of those!

Then when I saw it on offer recently, I picked it up and had a bit of a more in depth look over the packaging, and decided that I could possibly trick my brain into forgetting it was a primer, and that it was more of a face moisturiser, and so far it’s worked!





It comes in two forms, one for dry and sensitive skin (like mine above), and another for normal to combination skin. The idea is that it’s a light gel cream which absorbs instantly into the skin, so you can apply make up straight away…check! It also moisturises as well as primes, so it’s like a two in one product, adding hydration to an even and smooth base.

It’s really a great product for the price, it does make my skin feel really soft and smooth, and I have noticed how much better my foundation applies when I include this. I can’t really say too much on the staying power of it though, I don’t think it helps to keep a base on for really much longer.

I also like to use this primer alone, if I don’t feel like wearing any make up, as it just evens out my face more, gives a bit more of a glow, and doesn’t worry me that I’ll be scaring any small children any time soon.

I picked up the one for sensitive skin purely because my eyes have been a bit funny lately, and have reacted badly with some products, but this has been completely fine, no niggles or stinging problems.

You can find Nivea in most local supermarkets, as well as in Boots and Superdrug, and is generally priced between £3.00 to £4.49 depending on various deals.


Bourjois 123 Perfect | CC Cream

All these double letter face products start to blur together for me. I know BB stands for Beauty Balms and CC stands for Colour Correctors, and I know the CC creams work much better for me, personally.

I love the L’Oreal CC cream for dull skin, and have been using it religiously for around 18 months now. Then I saw that Bourjois has released a CC cream as part of their 123 Perfect range, as being a huge fan of their foundations, I decided it was time to give it a whirl.




I went for shade Light Beige, which looks quite dark on the swatch, but once it’s on and blended in it actually adapts really well to my skin tone (Mac NC20).

The cream contains three colour correcting pigments – Apricot for anti-fatigue, Green for anti-redness and White for anti-dark spots. These pigments mixed together are designed to give a fresh and luminous look, with 24 hour hydration.

I really, really like this CC cream, it’s great coverage while still being nice and light. I’ve used CC creams in the past underneath foundations as a primer of sorts, but I really wouldn’t use this for that purpose, I think it’s a bit too much like a foundation to use it for that.

I think if your looking for a nice everyday base, or you want something with a medium coverage that’s not too matte or not overly dewy, then this is what you’re looking for.

It’s only downfall is it’s limited shade range, there are only 4 available shades at the moment, with the darkest being Bronze.

The Bourjois CC cream is available in Boots and Superdrug, online and in store, for an RRP of £9.99.

Revlon PhotoReady Make Up | Nude

After trying the Revlon Colorstay foundation a while ago, I’ve kind of become a full on a Revlon lover. So it was to be expected that I’d soon turn to other products to try.

Cue the PhoteReady Make Up…


Revlon say – “photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to help erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft luminous finish.”

The testing behind this product is quite clever. It was put under harsh lights and high definition cameras to test it’s flawlessness, whether under indoor fluorescent lighting, or full outdoor sunshine.

It also contains an all important SPF of 20, so with all the testing it will be interesting to see how it holds up under flash photography.

This one comes with a pump, which of course makes application much easier and more hygienic. I use one pump of the make up to start with, and usually apply using a Nanshy flat top buffer brush.

My winter shade is Nude, which I find matches me perfectly. It’s a lovely medium but build able product, which covers redness and evens skin tone nicely.


With flash…


It’s has a slight dewy finish, but really only on the high points of the face – the cheekbones, brow bones and forehead area. The product is set easily with a translucent face powder, and stays on for around 4 hours without having to touch up.

Something I have noticed though is there is a very slight shimmer to it, not enough to notice it from just looking in a normal mirror, however if you do use a magnifying mirror to apply make up then you make notice it. In my opinion it doesn’t affect the finish in anyway and is pretty undetectable unless of course you go looking for it.

Overall it’s a lovely product, one that I warmly welcome into my already over brimming face and base collection. You can find the Revlon PhotoReady make up in Boots and Superdrug for an RRP of £12.99.

Rodial | GlamTox Night

I’ve never really been much of a strict day and night product user. If I like something enough, I’ll just use it whenever I need to.

The Rodial GlamTox night may be slightly different though….




It’s designed to moisturise and smooth skin, to give a radiant and youthful looking glow, and is to be specifically used at night, while you sleep.

It aims to quickly fade hyper pigmentation, reduce pore size and thicken skin as well as improving sun damage, crows feet and fine lines.

The formula is gel like, and is spread onto the skin easily. You only really need a tiny bit, and it sinks into the skin in seconds, leaving it feeling lovely and soft. I can definitely see why it’s recommended at night time, as personally I wouldn’t want to apply any sort of make up on over the top of it, and ruin the lovely velvety feel of my skin.

In the morning my skin still feels soft and completely moisturised, and it stays feeling that way all day. I’m truly so impressed with this product, and love using it along side a GlamGlow mud mask, to really give my skin a boost.

The only slight niggle for me is the price; it’s £90 for a 30ml tub of it.

Yes I know, it’s pretty pricey, and even looking around on the web, the lowest I can find it for is £64.34 at the moment on You can however get the small travel size sample kits with the full GlamTox range for around £22.00 on Amazon though if you fancy having a go, without splashing out.

Birchbox London Fashion Week | February 2014

I’ve been waiting excitedly by the front door for my beauty box subscriptions lately. The calibre of the products and the lovely mixture of different things month to month, have really been a nice surprise.

February’s Birchbox has got to be my favourite by far, the box is themed on London Fashion Week and contains products designed to fit into your everyday routine.





The first thing I plucked out was the Gilchrist & Soames shower gel which I’m so looking forward to trying, it just smells so rich and warming. To follow on with the bathing theme, the UrbanVeda Radiance Daily a Facial Wash is something else that caught my eye, again it smells really nice a fruity, and I have heard really good things about the brand.

Two cosmetics brands included this month was the Models Own lipstick in. Lovely nude shade and a mini version of the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner which I was so excited to get, as it’s something I’ve been meaning to try for ages now.

Lastly, something for the hair. My weakness is hair oils and serums, so having the Beauty Protector oil included was like the icing on an already yummy cake.

Keep an eye out if you’re interested in full reviews of the products, as they’ll be featured soon!

If you subscribe to Birchbox, then I’d love to hear what you received this month? If you don’t subscribe, but would like to find out more information on the Birchbox (£12.95 inc P&P) then you can find out more on

Price List:-
Gilchrist & Soames shower gel – £13.75
UrbanVeda face wash – £7.99
Model Co lipstick – £15.50 (for a set of 3)
Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner – £12
Beauty Protector – £16

GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

I’m not really a huge face mask user. Maybe it’s because I’ve never found one that actually does what it claims? Or maybe it’s just a bit of laziness on my part?

Anyway, when I had the chance to try one of GlamGlow’s masks, the YouthMud Tinglexfoliate to be exact, I jumped at the chance because I’d heard so much about the brand and their promises of clear and bright skin.


The list of benefits for the YouthMud is quite extensive, with promises like;
“Brighter, radiant skin in minutes”, “relives dark circles and minimises pores” and “tightens, tones and lifts the skin”. It’s pretty much a list of must haves for how we want our skin to look.

It also says that per treatment, the results should last up to three days, which means using it once a week would be enough to warrant it’s quite high price per ml of around £1.66 for a 15ml and around 99p for a 50ml. I like to try and get the money part out of the way first, with products that have quite a chunky price tag, more because I think you can get a much better rounded view that way.

The sample I received was a 15ml tube, which I probably could have gotten four good uses out of, if I hadn’t used too much the first time. I could have made it go that bit further if I had needed to if it hadn’t been in a tube. The full size treatments all come in small screw top jars, which I think would be much better at controlling product usage.

Onto the product itself – it smells really nice and natural. My mum told me I smelt like a herbal tea bag…thanks for that. It contains no parabens or artificial colours or fragrances and is completely cruelty free.

It does contain what looks like small pieces of leaf and plants though, and of course as it’s an exfoliating treatment, it does contain small grains to help with this.



It applies as a wet product, and quickly dries out to a firm clay-like texture. It does as it says on the packaging, with the tingling feeling quite prominent throughout the 10 minute advised time limit. It’s not an uncomfortable feeling, and is completely tolerable.

I just removed mine in the shower, with small circular motions – the end result was pretty surprising to a sceptical like me. My face did feel firmer and tighter, again not in an uncomfortable way, and my skin did look brighter; which is something I often struggle at achieving.

I would advised only using this as a weekly treatment, especially if you have sensitive skin, as the exfoliating part is is quite tough – but don’t worry, it’s not overly harsh to skin itself.

I’m keen to try the BrightMud for the eyes and the SuperMud clearing treatment now as well – after having a brief nose on the GlamGlow website, I cam across the try before you buy option, where they sell small tester sachets of each product for you to try, for £8-£13 depending on the package you select. Personally I find this a great idea, before splashing out on a full size product.

GlamGlow may have swayed me slightly now into the world of face masks and treatments. You can find the full range at

I’d love to know if anyone has tried anything else from the range, please leave me a comment or a link below!